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Dori: Time for bikes and bagels, hooray

The Seattle Department of Transportation and Commute Seattle have an exciting event coming up this Friday, May 18 from 7 – 9 a.m. at Lake Union Park, Occidental Square, and Othello Station.

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Get ready for Bikes and Bagels, where you can stop by and grab a free bagel on your bike commute to work. They’re going to have mascots from local professional sports teams, as well as the Sounders Sound Wave band.

But more importantly, the bikeshare companies are going to be there. Hey, maybe we can finally get the bikeshare companies to move the three bikes that have been sitting outside the radio station for two weeks or so. These bikes are everywhere littering our city.

They say that bikes and bagels are a “fun way to highlight the growth in bike commuting.” Actually, bike commuting is not on the increase. The stats show that about the same percentage of people are commuting downtown by bike. There are too many hills and too many rainy days.

I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers to have the DOT going into neighborhoods on a Friday morning on behalf of these private companies. Because remember, these bike-share companies are private companies. How many tens of thousands of dollars does it cost the city to put on an event in three different neighborhoods so they can keep pushing their bicycle agenda?

The Seattle Parks Department might start allowing electric bikes on the Burke-Gilman Trail, which worries me because of the number of people who run that trail. Instead, they should get rid of that stupid Sounder train line, pave that over, and make that an electric bike trail. I’m just trying to make Seattle great again.

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