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Smug Seattle conned by Bhagwan Shree Sawant



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On our show, we call her I-Wanna, I-Wanna because we do not want to do her bidding by building her name ID. But, a much more accurate monicker for Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant is Bhagwan Shree Sawant.

This is a comparison, but one I didn’t invent. It’s an observation from a listener to my program and, later, from a KIRO Radio host.

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Listener Tracy is exactly correct. The Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was an Indian mystic and so-called guru who moved his followers into a small Oregon town. By their raw numbers, the immediately took over the town government and then began moving to take over Wasco County. In pursuit of more power, they poisoned people. They made plans to kill more people by poisoning the water supply. They armed their followers and then, when they needed even more voters, they began importing homeless addicts from around the country. Eventually, they had to drug the addicts by placing narcotics in their daily serving of beer to control them. All of those actions and more we undertaken in pursuit of political power.

Seattle’s Bhagwan Shree Sawant is no mystic, but she is a cult leader who is importing and exploiting street people (different from the homeless, who want homes and help) and drug addicts to serve her political ends. Her partners in this scheme are groups like S.H.A.R.E, which receives tax dollars to let people sleep in parking lots where they are free to shoot heroin, take meth, store stolen items and engage in sex trafficking.

According to the Seattle Police Department, an inhabitant of one such S.H.A.R.E. camp has confessed to raping a Ballard woman this week. He was not required to have a background check, or warrant check to be in the taxpayer subsidized camps. But, what he and other recipients of S.H.A.R.E’s human storage facility are required to do — according to SAFE Seattle — is show-up at Seattle City Council meetings where they agitate for more money. According to people who attended the recent meetings for the tax on jobs, they also attempt to intimidate people who disagree with Bhagwan Shree Sawant.

This cyclical scam is so brazen it is almost difficult to believe it’s real. But it is real. Smug, arrogant, well-paid Seattle voters are easy marks for it:

1) Sawant needs an army, so she turns to street people.

2) The street people want to take drugs, sleep in and have people bring the food, water, and clothes.

3) S.H.A.R.E and other members of the Seattle Homeless-Industry Tyrants Association get tax money to provide places for street people to enjoy the freedom to be criminals.

4) S.H.A.R.E apparently makes those people agitate for more money.

5) The availability of the camps and the policy of allowing open drug use, not pursuing property crime and never demanding people get treatment draws even more street people to Seattle.

6) The Bhagwan Shree Sawant welcomes them into her army.

1A) The cycle repeats itself.

None of this would be possible if the voters of Seattle were interested in the easily observable, objective reality: crime is way up, the city is overrun with street people who have no interest in being helped and certainly not in working (unless you count stealing generators from food trucks and bikes from people as “work”). The gang wars erupting in our area are over turf to sell heroin to junkies.

The fact is, if any manager or executive in any company in Seattle created this sort of disaster at work, not a single Seattle voter would allow them to maintain their employment. They allow the council to keep their seats because Seattle voters are lazy and vote solely based upon feelings; they feel good spending money on homelessness — funds they never bother to track in terms of results. If Seattle voters looked at what is being done to the city with 10 percent of the interest they have in what happens at work, the Seattle City Council members would be run out of town.

The Bhagwan Shree Sawant could take her cult to San Franciso or San Diego and start afresh.

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