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Aaron Granillo is a reporter for KIRO Newsradio. He grew up in Seattle and studied broadcast journalism at Arizona State University in Phoenix. Aaron started his news-talk career at KTAR before becoming a morning host and anchor for KNAU, Arizona Public Radio in Flagstaff. His story about a Native American chef won a 2017 National Edward R. Murrow Award for writing.

Mariners to host ‘pints for paws’ benefiting animal rescue shelters

The event is aimed at supporting dogs in eastern Washington's Okanagan County. It's an area with only a patchwork of private rescue groups
10 months ago

‘It just takes one time:’ Fentanyl’s deadly toll across WA, US shows no signs of slowing

There seems to be no slowing the rapid surge in deadly overdose deaths involving fentanyl in Washington state.
2 years ago

Meet The Ring Finders, a group reuniting couples with lost wedding rings

A growing network of treasure hunters, known as The Ring Finders, are on a mission to reconnect married couples with missing rings.
3 years ago

Touched twice by COVID-19, Seattle-area man shares his re-infection story

A Seattle-area man who found himself infected with COVID-19 for a second time shares his story with KIRO Radio reporter Aaron Granillo.
4 years ago

Seattle chef guides foster youth toward career in the kitchen

Nonprofit Treehouse is giving foster children the chance to cultivate their culinary passion, with lessons from local restaurateur, Tom Douglas.
5 years ago

Report: Washington inmates need better quality food and health care

A new report by the Washington Department of Corrections Ombuds found the state’s inmates should be receiving better quality health care and food.
5 years ago

Fight for quiet in Olympic National Park pits Navy versus nature

The skies above the Olympic Peninsula belong to the U.S. Navy’s Boeing-made Growler jets. What that sounds like is up for debate.
5 years ago

King County issues counterfeit pill warning amid deadly fentanyl overdoses

Public health and law enforcement officials in King County report a growing number of fentanyl-related overdose deaths, and deceptive pills.
5 years ago

REAL ID rule takes effect in one year, affecting Washington airports

In just one year, a standard Washington driver’s license won’t get passengers on domestic flights or into federal facilities under REAL ID laws.
5 years ago

Vape store owners close amid new taxes, stricter rules in Washington

A Seattle store specializing in vaping products closed its doors. The owner says they are among the first closures that Washington state can expect.
5 years ago

ICE official blasts Washington state’s sanctuary policies

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials (ICE) launched a media blitz on Thursday condemning “sanctuary policies” in states such as Washington.
5 years ago

Firefighter groups tackling the tough issue of suicide

There are no solid statistics on wildland firefighter suicides, but it’s become a major concern among the highest ranks of the firefighting community.
5 years ago

Affordable housing projects announced for North Seattle neighborhoods

Seattle is taking advantage of a new state program to donate surplus city land to build affordable housing, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced Thursday.
5 years ago

UW ‘Moms and Marijuana’ study faces new questions amid surgeon general warning

As the surgeon general issues a public warning that marijuana is dangerous for pregnant women, UW Medicine is pushing forward with a controversial study.
5 years ago

15,000 turn out in Seattle at Elizabeth Warren’s largest rally to date

Elizabeth Warren spoke to 15,000 people in below the Space Needle in Seattle over the weekend, the largest crowd she's seen at a rally yet.
5 years ago

Accused Capital One hacker denied release from jail

A federal judge ruled Friday that the Seattle hacker charged in the massive Capital One data breach will remain in a men’s federal detention center.
5 years ago

New downtown Seattle bike lanes bring cheers and fears

In the midst of Seattle celebrating the building of a new downtown bike lane, many businesses in the area fear the effect the lanes could have on their ability to operate.
5 years ago

Blue whales make surprise appearance off Washington coast

The largest animals on the planet paid a rare visit to Washington waters last month, when a pair of blue whales were spotted near Grays Harbor
5 years ago

US-China trade war expected to hit Washington farmers hard

President Trump's trade war with China is now expected to hit Washington farmers hard. China is opting out of the US agricultural market.
5 years ago

Bunny boom: Garden expert Ciscoe’s secret recipe repels pesky rabbits

Noticed a lot more rabbits running around this season? So has expert Ciscoe Morris who has a special recipe for keeping bunnies at bay.
5 years ago

Seattle unveils new plan to curb affordable housing crisis

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan unveiled two new proposal on Wednesday as part of her new “Housing Seattle Now” campaign, a plan to create more affordable housing options for low and middle-income families.
5 years ago

Families of Boeing 737 MAX crash victims file new claim against FAA

Relatives of victims of a deadly Boeing 737 MAX crash announced a lawsuit against Boeing and a notice of claim Monday against the Federal Aviation Administration.
5 years ago

Whale watching companies file lawsuit over distance restriction

Washington’s whale watching companies are going to court in San Juan County to fight a local citizen initiative. The measure would effectively ban them from viewing the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales.
5 years ago

Send in the clowns: Iconic Shorty’s makes a move

Shorty's Bar is an influential feature of the Northwest's pinball scene. It was forced to move to a new location in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.
5 years ago