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Andrew Lanier produces the Gee Scott and Ursula Reutin Show on KIRO Newsradio. Andrew joined KIRO Newsradio as a producer in 2016 after working with the 'Brock and Salk Show' on 710 ESPN.

Swedish Edmonds closing birth center/NICU to care for COVID-19 patients

Women planning to give birth at Swedish Hospital in Edmonds will soon have to go elsewhere, according to internal communications obtained by KIRO Radio.
4 years ago

Washington health insurance costs going up by 13 percent

It's almost time for open enrollment in Washington's health insurance exchange, or private insurance. Either way, costs will be going up by 13 percent.
6 years ago

Expert: It’s time to use fire to fight wildfires

It's become apparent that forest management policies have resulted in large wildfires each year. Responses and solutions to the problem will require much more than what leaders are currently doing.
6 years ago

How to protect yourself during smoke days

With wildfires sending a thick smoky haze into Washington state, there are things you need to know, and actions you need to take to protect your health during smoke days.
6 years ago

Get ready for the new smoky norm of the Pacific Northwest summer

The thick haze causing may not have been so uncommon 100 years ago. But it is now part of a new smoky norm, according to climate expert Cliff Mass.
6 years ago

Washington flush with tobacco money, but gets an ‘F’ for prevention

Washington state takes in millions of tobacco tax revenue and settlement money each year. Yet a tiny fraction of that is spent on preventing the next generation from taking up the deadly habit.
6 years ago

Experts: How, why ‘Beebo’ Russell was able to easily take a plane from Sea-Tac

Experts weigh in on factors that led up to the theft of a Horizon Dash 8 Q400 airplane and the tragic crash at the hands of a suicidal employee -- Richard "Beebo" Russell.
6 years ago

Bad behavior caught along the Burke-Gilman Trail

There’s one highway running from Bothell to Ballard that doesn’t get a lot of headlines, even though it’s so dangerous that if you use it every day.
7 years ago

Prowler protection: Your car isn’t as safe as you thought

It’s not your purse, your wallet, cellphone, or even a promising-looking bag left on the back seat. Though you shouldn’t leave those in the car either.
7 years ago

Car prowl ring feeling the heat with two more suspects picked off

The Bellevue Police Department continues to lead a regional effort to take down a notorious car prowl ring with more arrests this week.
7 years ago

Several unknowns if state government shuts down

If the legislature doesn't come up with a budget deal by June 30, it's lights out for many state government operations.
7 years ago

All options on the table for Tacoma’s homelessness state of emergency

On Tuesday, Mayor Marilyn Strickland will declare a state of emergency over Tacoma's homelessness, echoing an action issued by Seattle's mayor in 2015.
7 years ago

The budget story behind the East Link light rail over I-90

The I-90 bridge portion of the East Link light rail line has gone over budget and there are factors previously unknown as to why that cost spiked.
7 years ago

Don’t blame the gophers: Thurston County issue not bad as commissioner says

Thurston County Commissioner Gary Edwards made it sound like the county's gopher problem was way out of hand. Turns out he was wrong.
7 years ago

Should doctors write the homeless prescriptions for housing in Seattle?

A bill proposed in Hawaii that would allow doctors to write the homeless prescriptions for housing could catch the attention of lawmakers in Seattle.
8 years ago