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Colleen O’Brien is the Morning News Anchor at KIRO Newsradio. She’s been broadcasting since junior high, but began her professional career in Seattle radio. She then spent a few years in Spokane working for KXLY TV before returning to her first love – radio – at KIRO FM.

Colleen: Young girls and phones and the patterns we teach

I spoke to New York Times reporter Jessica Bennett, who studied 13-year-old girls for a year, to learn more about their relationship with phones
5 days ago

O’Brien: The battle against dehumanizing the homeless

Of the news topics we cover at KIRO Newsradio, homelessness is at the top, and I get why, I grew up here, too.
12 days ago

‘I like what I see in the mirror:’ Struggling addicts get help at Quinault Wellness

The Quinault Wellness Center will celebrate its one-year anniversary in October of 2023 with success stories of its own.
26 days ago

O’Brien: A New Jersey farm is dedicated to protecting animals

"Abused, unwanted, neglected, elderly, disabled," Zaleski said. "Every single animal here is a rescue."
1 year ago

New Quinault Wellness Center aims to combat ever-growing Fentanyl crisis

In King County alone, nearly 400 people died after using fentanyl in 2021, which is a very high number considering that number was just three in 2015.
1 year ago

Rick Steves refunding 2020 tours, maintaining payroll

Rick Steves travels to Europe every year around this time, but the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping him home in Edmonds for the first time in 30 years. He doesn’t mind it though, despite refunding thousands of European vacations.
3 years ago

Cougs fans step up to help alum still in need of kidney donor

Cougs alum Cindy Meyer has been in need of a kidney donor for awhile now, but the hope now is that with some help from her fellow Cougs, she could find one soon.
5 years ago

Poker players say they’ve been dealt a raw deal by casino

Poker players who frequent Snoqualmie Casino say they're getting ripped off.
5 years ago

Everett Brownie troop uses cookies sales to save pets

An Everett Brownie troop decided to do some good with profits from cookie sales.
5 years ago

Officer with plenty of ‘sole’ helps community

A longtime Dallas police officer has a side passion-project that came to him through his police work.
5 years ago

No age limit for Meals on Wheels volunteer

Edward Kydd has traveled more than 13,000 miles and put in 1,700 hours of service for Meals on Wheels. He's 101 years old.
5 years ago

Police introduce new (stuffed) member of the force

Police officers in America’s smallest state proved they have the biggest hearts by making boy's lost animal a member of the force.
5 years ago

A cardboard box makes a child’s day

As a Mississippi family patiently awaited the delivery of their new refrigerator from Lowe's their 6-year-old son patiently awaited the delivery of that refrigerator box.
5 years ago

Students gift janitor with incredible trip

Students gave the janitor at Bristol University cold hard cash and caught it on video.
5 years ago

Waiter creates prosthetic arm for young customer

A young girl rode her bike - truly rode her bike - for the first time last Wednesday thanks to a waiter at an Ohio pizza place.
5 years ago

Employer has unique solution to opioid crisis

The CEO of an electronics company in Indiana figured he had a problem when 10-percent of the people applying for jobs at his factory failed the drug test. A handful of his current employees had failed drug tests, too.
5 years ago

Volunteers drive dog 1,800 miles for loving reunion

An Arizona family thought their beloved dog was gone forever. But he was found 1,800 miles way in Pennsylvania.
5 years ago

Child trades video game cash for charity

If a kid finds her or himself with a wad of cash from chores or through an allowance most can't wait to spend it on a new toy or video game.
5 years ago

Picture of determination rewarded with new car

If it wasn't for a bus driver paying attention to his riders, Corey Patrick might not be in the headlines today.
5 years ago

Donut shop owner responds to theft with kindness

When donut shop owner Galen Schmidt spotted on his surveillance system a woman stealing from his tip jar he didn't call police. He chose kindness instead.
5 years ago

Birthday boy decides to give big to animal shelter

Jack Beason, 9, decided giving would be better than receiving and asked for donations of food or toys for his local shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
6 years ago

Truckers become heroes on Michigan highway

This was a tough call to share this one today because it's not a topic you'd typically associate with a "dose of kindness."
6 years ago

The saving grace of a stranger on a plane

Todd Walker became the seat-mate of a toddler who was having a rough go of her day, but he was able to show grace in this situation.
6 years ago

Home Depot volunteers help homeless veteran

A group of 60 volunteers fixed up a homeless Air Force veteran's home after his mother and daughter passed away.
6 years ago