Dori Monson

Dori Monson

Dori Monson is host of The Dori Monson Show on KIRO Radio (weekdays Noon-3) and the pre-game and post-game host for the Seattle Seahawks Radio Network. There are three words that Dori thinks best describe him - competitive, competitive and competitive.

Dori: Inslee planning to push COVID vax through 2024

Gov. Jay Inslee has given himself extra-constitutional "emergency" powers for 19 months. Now it looks like he is planning to extend those powers.
5 days ago

How to vote a ‘Dori ticket’ in the primary election

Primary ballots must be in by Tuesday, Aug. 3. Since I know the entire state is eager to vote a "straight Dori ticket" here are my election endorsements.
3 months ago

Seattle police rescind invite to Rev Graham event, but send warm wishes for Eid al-Fitr

Last week, the Seattle Police Department rescinded an invitation to officers to attend a thank you dinner hosted by Christian evangelist Franklin Graham.
5 months ago

Dori Monson on his return to air

KIRO Radio's Dori Monson has a statement as he returns to his show.
12 months ago

Dori’s open letter to Jeff Bezos

Dori Monson explains why it might be time for Amazon to leave Seattle, but not for the same reason protesters want the company gone.
1 year ago

Dori: Mayor Durkan has no consistency on takeover of private property

When politicians, like Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, decide not to enforce laws because they agree with the ideology of the law-breakers, we're in dangerous territory.
1 year ago

Dori: Seattle riots a stunning failure of political leadership

Having seen for days what was happening in city after city, how did our political leaders not know that was going to happen in Seattle on Saturday?
1 year ago

Dori: Millions lost and no one has been fired? ESD is political cronyism at its worst

Has a state agency ever been more tragically misnamed than Washington's "Employment Security Department" (ESD)? It provides neither employment nor security.
1 year ago

You mean the world to me

I wanted to just take a moment as we head into the weekend to try to express in words what is in my heart about our Dori Monson Show community - about you.
1 year ago

Dori: Gov. Inslee, it’s OK to admit you’ve been wrong

Jay Inslee simply will not admit he is taking our state down a destructive path with his plan to keep Washington locked down.
1 year ago

Dori: Is state exaggerating COVID-19 death numbers?

In a stunning analysis, the Freedom Foundation claims that our state Department of Health has over-reported the actual death count from coronavirus.
1 year ago

Dori: Inslee sees our devastated economy as a wonderful ‘opportunity’ for climate agenda

Every day I hear from people whose lives are being destroyed by our crumbling economy. We have 900,000 newly unemployed workers in our state.
1 year ago

Dori: Does anyone trust Inslee’s reopening plan?

Gov. Inslee's arbitrary rules for reopening restaurants do not make any sense. But I would love to know: Does all of this make sense to you?
1 year ago

Dori: State recovery clearly more about public control than public health

The way Gov. Inslee and local politicians are handling this shutdown has almost nothing to do with public health and everything to do with public control.
1 year ago

Defiant Snohomish barber says he’ll keep on cuttin’

It's fair to say my conversation with Snohomish barber Bob Martin was my most polarizing interview in a long, long time.
1 year ago

Dori: The other virus infecting all our kids

Yes, socialism has fully invaded and infested our children. It's a virus far more dangerous than COVID-19 because there's no cure when you have been conditioned to be a loser in life's game.
1 year ago

Dori: Is Inslee crashing regional economy to get state income tax?

I've tried to make sense of the baffling disparity of how Inslee has messaged his stay-at-home order -- is because he wants an income tax?
1 year ago

Shoreline COVID-19 quarantine site buying beer, cigarettes for patients

Confirming tips from sources, Seattle-King County Public Health confirmed that a Shoreline coronavirus quarantine site has been buying beer and cigarettes for patients.
2 years ago

Dori: Unemployment skyrockets, but ridiculous government ‘work’ continues

If stay-at-home orders are necessary for our collective health, then everyone should abide by it. There shouldn't be exceptions for government workers.
2 years ago

Dori: Gov. Inslee’s temper tantrum press conference

We all were wondering what Governor Inslee's Wednesday press conference would be about. Was he going to restart home construction, elective surgeries, golf and fishing in our state?
2 years ago

Franklin County sheriff says coronavirus isn’t made up, explains letter

Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond said on Tuesday he won't be enforcing Inslee's order and called it fear mongering.
2 years ago

Dori: Fantasy leftist economics finally catch up to our region

For years, we've talked about how the insane economics of the left in our region are completely unsustainable. Now, we see it firsthand.
2 years ago

Dori: The wussification of our kids continues in Seattle schools

In a complete capitulation to common sense, Seattle schools will have almost all kids receive "A" grades for this "at-home" learning period.
2 years ago

Dori: Inslee’s hateful double standard toward out-of-work families

Jay Inslee's hypocrisy on how his stay-at-home order has been enforced has been absolutely outrageous, and workers are the ones paying the price.
2 years ago