Dori Monson

Dori Monson

Dori Monson is host of The Dori Monson Show on KIRO Newsradio (weekdays Noon-3) and the pre-game and post-game host for the Seattle Seahawks Radio Network. There are three words that Dori thinks best describe him - competitive, competitive and competitive.

Dori: Is Western Washington University’s Viking mascot getting the woke boot?

He’s male. He’s Scandinavian. He’s considered by some as “too masculine” and “too aggressive.” And now, he might be getting canned.
3 days ago

Dori: WSDOT’s snowplow service refusal over vaccine mandates ‘unbelievable,’ lawmaker says

State Sen. Curtis King joins the Dori Monson Show to discuss how COVID vaccine mandates may have impacted WSDOT's recent trials at the state passes.
4 days ago

Dori’s tribute to the late Ronnie Spector: ‘She’s got one of the sexier lines in rock ‘n roll history’

When CBS News broke the story about the passing of the iconic singer Ronnie Spector today, I was so sad.
5 days ago

Bravery, tears, and flipping coins with Frank Sinatra: Reflections of a WWII veteran

"Courage personified" describes one of my all-time favorite guests of the Dori Monson Show: World War II U.S. Army combat veteran Phil Sulman of Bellevue.
10 days ago

Dori: Seattle K9 killed in line of duty mourned; loss triggers memories for dog owners

Seattle Police Department's K-9 Jedi was slashed to death Wednesday while tracking an alleged burglar armed with a machete and knife.
11 days ago

Dori: Goodbye, privacy — Washington state considers tracking your driving

The state transportation commission is considering proposals to the state Legislature that would have automakers send your data directly to the state.
1 month ago

Dori: A brief economics lesson for Starbucks unionizers

I know some baristas who are very good at their job, Dori says, but should being a barista at Starbucks be a career just because someone wants it to be?
1 month ago

Dori: Why isn’t destroying Christmas decorations a hate crime?

Destroying Christmas decorations is something a fictional “Grinch” does? Let's start calling it what it is: vandalism, and a hate crime.
1 month ago

Dori: What good is your vaccine verification card in King County? Not much

But how can restaurants, venues, and sporting events in King County confirm that the vaccine card you show them is really your card? They can’t.
1 month ago

Dori: Are new state wildlife commissioners turning their backs on science?

Tom Nelson -- host of “The Outdoor Line” -- joins the Dori Monson Show to talk about a case that goes far beyond cougars versus elk.
1 month ago

Dori: King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn announces Congressional run

King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn announced his candidacy on Monday for Washington's 8th District Congressional seat.
2 months ago

Dori: Tri-Cities florist settles with gay couple over refusal to sell them wedding flowers

Richland, Washington, flower shop owner Barronelle Stutzman has settled with the ACLU, citing her Southern Baptist faith as reason for the refusal.
2 months ago

Dori: Homeland Security Special Agent on surge in drug trafficking, fentanyl deaths

Homeland Security Investigations agent Robert Hammer describes the surge in illegal drugs, and related death counts across the nation.
2 months ago

Dori: Woman in wheelchair attacked in Seattle by naked, prolific offender

A Gig Harbor woman with a physical disability alleges that she was victimized by a naked attacker in downtown Seattle earlier this year.
2 months ago

Dori: Spirit on display during Whatcom County flooding — what you can do to help

A number of community organizations are leading recovery efforts for those displaced by Whatcom County's recent flooding.
2 months ago

Dori: Rittenhouse found not guilty, but who is responsible for the chaos in Kenosha?

The cases against Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha started with absolute media lies. And what have we learned from it? Apparently, nothing.
2 months ago

Dori: As families flee public schools, Seattle schools push mandatory vax

In so many ways, it feels as if our schools are at a crossroads. My question: Will they continue to take our kids down a dead-end?
2 months ago

Dori: Rep. Kim Schrier misses half-million-dollar stock reporting deadline

The 2022 Congressional race in Washington's 8th District is expected to be highly contested, yet no local media outlet seems to have picked up this story.
2 months ago

Dori: ‘Lawn Mower Man’ terrorizes Ballard neighbors, city ignores pleas for help

Known as "Lawn Mower Man," Charles Woodward would rather terrorize his Ballard neighbors than accept shelter placement.
2 months ago

Dori: Why use a ballot to vote when you can use a napkin?

A King County Elections official claims that a napkin "ballot" would be sufficient for a vote in the county.
2 months ago

Green-eyed monster gets between Dori and John Curley

Dori had to admit he was jealous last week after hearing something about his friend and colleague, KIRO Radio host John Curley.
2 months ago

Dori: Drug bust reveals cartel using Biden’s open border to smuggle drugs into the PNW

The Department of Homeland Security Investigations arrested Jovany Cota-Valenzuela, a Mexican drug smuggling suspect, for dealing dope in Seattle.
2 months ago

Dori: Federal Way boy recounts harrowing survival story after being swept down storm drain

12-year-old Elijah Baldivino recounts how he and his friend were accidentally pulled down a storm drain on Thursday evening.
2 months ago

Dori: Maple Valley widow says husband’s hit-and-run suspect could be released Monday

A teenaged driver facing juvenile court second-degree murder and hit-and-run charges may be released from detention on Monday pending trial.
2 months ago