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Dori Monson was the host of The Dori Monson Show on KIRO Newsradio (weekdays Noon-3). Dori passed away in December 2022 and is survived by his wife, Suzanne.

Dori: I can appreciate government work every once in awhile

I love being a watchdog of government. And that includes spotlighting great work. I appreciate utility workers for their help this week.
2 months ago

Dori: State public school students score lowest ever on ‘Nation’s Report Card’

Students’ test scores tied for 27th with three other states for 4th grade math scores and tied for 19th with three other states for 8th graders’ math results.
3 months ago

Dori: Seattle Schools have no way to pay for new post-strike teacher contract

Barely a week since Seattle Public Schools educators ended their week-long strike, it appears there is no money in the current budget to cover the new agreement.
4 months ago

Dori: Washington state school sports now have a ‘Lia Thomas situation’

With high school fall sports seasons in full swing across Washington state, it appears some local teen athletes are facing a so-called “Lia Thomas situation” here.
5 months ago

Dori: Regional homeless authority wants $90 million more; King Co. Councilman Dunn calls for audit

King County Regional Homeless Authority (KCRHA) has announced it wants another $90 million annually to deal with this troubled population – but King County Councilman Reagan Dunn says he wants an audit first.
5 months ago

Dori: Ex-wife of road-rage shooter ‘not surprised,’ calls man killed ‘her hero’

The ex-wife of the man charged in a mid-July road rage shooting in South Seattle wants friends of the unarmed victim to know the slain man “didn’t die in vain” and she considers Bob Jensen “her hero.”
5 months ago

Dori: Survivor describes fear of ‘3-Strikes’ rapist’s pending release

A Washington state woman who was raped at age 16 by a “Three Strikes, You’re Out” offender is now living in fear of her attacker’s pending release from prison.
5 months ago

Dori: Scott Walker blasts Biden’s college loan forgiveness plan as a `scam’ that will hurt blue-collar workers

While many college students and graduates around the country are celebrating President Joe Biden’s Wednesday announcement that he will cancel up to $20,000 in their federal student loan debt, outspoken former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker called the move “a scam.”
5 months ago

Dori: Local media is to blame for protecting so-called ‘best boss in America’ despite past sexual allegations

On Wednesday, Price tweeted that he was resigning from the company because he didn’t want to be a “distraction.”
6 months ago

Dori: How do I break this news to my dog?

After receiving an alert from our pet food supplies that my dog’s monthly order food has been discontinued I am not sure how to break the news to him.
6 months ago

Dori: New WA state law allows release of killer dubbed ‘poster boy’ for habitual crime

When Roy Wayne Russell Jr. was convicted for the 2005 suffocation murder of a 14-year-old girl in Vancouver, Wash., the judge there called him “the poster boy for the Three-Strike Act.”
6 months ago

Dori: Sheriff says releasing drug suspects carrying fentanyl to Washington should ‘shock’ parents

Two men arrested while en route to Washington state from Mexico with a “huge” stash of fentanyl pills were released without bail by a Tulare County judge in California and are now missing – and the sheriff there is furious.
7 months ago

Dori: ‘Just want to coach again’ says Bremerton coach after Supreme Court victory

What started as a prayer of thanks on a Kitsap County football field has now ended as a prayer of thanks in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, for former Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joseph Kennedy.
7 months ago

Tiffany Smiley pushes for debate with Patty Murray in U.S. Senate Race

After 14 months of vying to overtake the U.S. Senate seat held by Democratic incumbent Patty Murray, who has held the seat for nearly three decades, candidate Tiffany Smiley said she continues to pose the same question to Washington state voters on the campaign trail.
7 months ago

Dori: Parkland dad protecting preschool daughter during attempted carjacking gets shot in mouth

Adrenalin, parental instincts and lessons learned from his dad kicked into overdrive at the start of Matthew Phillips’s Father’s Day weekend when an attempted carjacker pulled a rifle on him and his 3-year-old daughter in Pierce County.
8 months ago

Dori: Local gun stores ‘busy as all get out’ as firearm debates rage nationwide

With two weeks to go before Washington state enacts tougher gun laws, at least one local firearms retailer says stores like hers are seeing “a buying rush.”
8 months ago

Dori: Bellingham dad upset with transgender books for preschoolers: ‘let kids be kids’

Bellingham parent Christopher Morris believes preschool should be a time of life when adults need to let “kids be kids.”
8 months ago

Dori: Seattle Police guild president calls slower response times a `crisis’ that local leaders ‘don’t grasp’

At a time when the number of police on Seattle streets keeps dropping and crime is rising, response times to life-threatening cases continue to climb
8 months ago

Dori: Local teen talks about backlash she gets for her politics

Being called racist and homophobic is nothing new to 14-year-old KellyAnna Brooking.
8 months ago

Dori: ‘My schools are safer than Seattle’s,’ says school leader whose admins carry guns

Toppenish School's superintendent John Cerna invests in armed school security staff while select administrators carry guns on campus.
8 months ago

Dori: Before alleged Ballard kidnapping, repeat offender twice released with community bail funds

Even before Ryan Lee Popplewell was charged with an alleged attempt to steal a car with a child inside after a Ballard Little League game last week, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office considered him a “high priority repeat offender.”
8 months ago

Dori: OSPI chief explains what Washington’s schools are doing to prevent gun violence

As details continue to unfold in Tuesday’s Uvalde, Texas carnage that took the lives of 19 fourth graders and two teachers after a lone 18-year-old gunman shot up their school classroom, many questions are emerging. In Washington state, like other parts of the country, news coverage of the mass murder has parents and students, in […]
8 months ago

Dori: State congressional candidate Parson says she endorses squatting for housing equity

From living out of her van to running for Washington state’s 6th U.S. District Congressional race: Rebecca Parson is determined.
8 months ago

Dori: Former foster mom grieves for 5-year-old missing daughter after return to biological parents

While 5-year-old Oakley Carlson’s biological parents are behind bars on child endangerment convictions, the girl’s foster mom says she hasn’t given up on the hope that state authorities will find the missing girl alive.
9 months ago