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Rantz: Democrats sue to kill WA’s one election security feature, which makes fraud easier

A trio of left-wing organizations is suing Washington Secretary of State Steve Hobbs, King County Elections Director Julie Wise, and two members of the King County canvassing board.
16 hours ago

Rantz: State releasing sex predators to unsecured housing by school bus stop

Washington DSHS tried to quietly release sexually violent predators into a residential neighborhood in Tenino.
4 days ago

Rantz: WA DOH censored critics of ‘transmasculine people with a cervix’ ad

Desperately craving inclusion, the DOH is using Washingtonians to earn social currency, hoping to add to the department's progressive bona fides.
6 days ago

Rantz: Sounders fans livid new sponsor won’t perform abortion, needless child gender surgery

A small but irascible group of Sounders FC fans are livid as the team's new sponsor doesn't provide abortion services.
7 days ago

Rantz: Seattle running out of dead body storage due to fentanyl ODs

The fentanyl overdose crisis in Seattle is so bad that the King County Medical Examiner is running low on storage for dead bodies.
8 days ago

Rantz: WA Democrats pretend vehicular pursuit ban isn’t connected to crime surge

Democratic Washington state Senator Manka Dhingra said she hasn't seen any data correlating crime to the vehicular pursuit ban.
11 days ago

Rantz: Seattle Police Department walks back order to let DUI suspects flee in stolen cars

After a rash of incidents where DUI suspects bolted and considerable internal pressure, the SPD has overwritten the policy.
12 days ago

Rantz: Homeless stranger brutally attacked man in downtown Seattle, victim says

After being brutally attacked in downtown Seattle by a homeless man, Casey is the one who now needs to be cared for.
13 days ago

Rantz: Democrats put lawmaker who lied about military service on Veterans Committee

Clyde Shavers lied about his military service. Washington Democrats rewarded him with a seat on a veterans committee in the House.
14 days ago

Rantz: Brutal bat attack suspect could be released before trial

The homeless suspect in an unprovoked baseball bat attack that left an Amazon employee with a fractured skull still hasn't started his trial.
19 days ago

Rantz: Democrat Speaker pushes for harmful land acknowledgments at state house

Land acknowledgments are ways white progressives pander to Native Americans without improving their communities.
20 days ago

Rantz: Seattle Public Schools damaged youth mental health, but blames social media

SPS argued social media platforms contribute to students' mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and cyberbullying.
20 days ago

Rantz: Councilmember storms out of meeting after realizing no one likes her

An Everett City Council meeting got uncomfortable after a councilmember learned in real time that no one likes her, prompting a walk-out.
21 days ago

Rantz: A ranking of the top 10 best movies of 2022

It was a somewhat odd year for movies in 2022, with huge surprises and equally huge letdowns. Here's Jason Rantz's 10 best of 2022.
26 days ago

Rantz: Seattle PD lost 153 police officers in 2022, over 500 since defunding

Officers have been leaving the department in record numbers since 2020, when the city council defunded the police by 18% (though it promised to cut 50%).
27 days ago

Rantz: Major credit union to close Seattle branches over crime

Seattle Credit Union customers learned just before the New Year that two branches will be closing due to the city's rampant crime.
28 days ago

Rantz: Taco Time went woke, dropped Mexi-Fries name after faux anger

Taco Time's iconic Mexi-Fries couldn't withstand Seattle's wokeness. The fast-food institution stealthily ditched the name recently.
1 month ago

Rantz: Gov. Inslee will use homelessness to push for income tax

He argues Washingtonians don't need it because our state economy is "the envy of the U.S." due to the "gangbuster industries doing very, very well.”
1 month ago

Rantz: WA Dems responsible as 41,330 cars stolen, now try to ban police traffic stops

The stolen cars are often used in smash-and-grab crimes as criminals take advantage of defunded, demoralized, and understaffed police departments.
2 months ago

Rantz: Investigation found no n-word slurs at football game, some media keep misleading

An independent investigation into allegations that the n-word was said at a football game in Stanwood suggests none of this happened.
2 months ago

Rantz: Seattle media restarts fearmongering over COVID, flu and fake ‘tridemic’

The media is still breathlessly reporting public health stories - like the 'tridemic' - to earn fear-clicks.
2 months ago

Rantz: Lonely Seattle men get vasectomies to support women after Roe v Wade

A Planned Parenthood Northwest rep told KING 5 that they've seen a 34% increase in men getting vasectomies since Roe was overturned.
2 months ago

Rantz: Beloved Seattle restaurant suffers 18th break-in by thieves the Democrats enable

It's the Seattle restaurant's 18th break-in since the pandemic's start and the introduction of light-on-crime laws and policies.
2 months ago

Rantz: Seattle Fire hired ‘anti-male’ partisan to investigate gender discrimination

The Seattle Fire Department's new Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator has been involved in two lawsuits for allegations of gender bias.
2 months ago