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Rantz: One health department’s anti-fentanyl campaign actually pushes drug use

A new campaign from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department ends up encouraging kids to use fentanyl in a "safer" way. It's dangerous and will only make the crisis worse.
3 days ago

Rantz: Mayor scolded for calling 911 on ‘far right-wing’ signature gatherers

Not only were the petitioners acting lawfully while promoting mainstream views, it wasn't an emergency and should not have resulted in a call to 911.
7 days ago

‘All clear’ given after suspicious package found outside Seattle Police West Precinct

A suspicious package with powder was found outside of the Seattle Police Department's West Precinct Wednesday.
7 days ago

Rantz: NewsBreak app striking ‘conservative’ opinions it doesn’t like

NewsBreak's X account messaged me in June, asking if I was interested in posting my content to their website and app. I was interested.
8 days ago

Rantz: ACLU of Wash. mad Marysville leaders may put criminals in jail

To Jazmyn Clark, a program director for the ACLU of Washington, jailing someone who keeps breaking the law is a draconian move.
9 days ago

Rantz: Seattle, Tacoma leaders should take notes from Spokane on crime

Seattle is on pace for record-high homicides, and not a week goes by where there isn't some significant crime out of Tacoma
10 days ago

Here’s what that loud rumbling across Seattle was on Saturday night

Seemingly, everyone across Puget Sound wondered what that loud rumbling sound was on Saturday night.
10 days ago

Rantz: Washington litter study blames everyone but the homeless

In other words, they primarily focused on where the homeless congregate, live, and litter. So why are we getting the blame? 
12 days ago

Rantz: AG’s office demands staff ‘change your thinking’ on gendered pronouns

The email linked to a Human Rights Foundation memo, which contended using someone's chosen name and pronouns expresses mutual respect and courtesy.
15 days ago

Rantz: Activist says Seattle’s open-air drug markets don’t exist, is racist

Real Change's latest attempt to downplay the drug crisis, arguing that criticism of drug dealing is racist, is as bizarre as it is dangerous.
16 days ago

Rantz: UW study dismisses drug concerns to protect transit, harm reduction advocates

The "limited-scope" study measured drugs in the air and on the surfaces of transit in Washington and Oregon using just 11 buses and 19 train cars.
17 days ago

Rantz: Seattle media gives Inslee a pass on egregious lie

Washington Governor Jay Inslee told one whopper of a health care lie. So why is the Seattle media giving the Democrat a pass?
19 days ago

Rantz: SPOG releases apology after video captures officer’s out-of-context statements

A Seattle police officer turned himself in for a comment he made when his bodycam was accidentally turned on.
22 days ago

Rantz: 5th Avenue Theater tells whites not to attend its plays

Though Seattle's 5th Avenue Theater can't legally deny entry on the basis of race, they're trying to dissuade attendance from whites anyway.
22 days ago

Rantz: Wash. Department of Health keeps promoting outdated COVID-19 advice

The Washington State Department of Health is promoting outdated COVID-19 advice. The agency's guidance hasn't moved much despite learning more about it.
23 days ago

Rantz: Anti-gun Seattle Rep. Pramila Jayapal is broken

While guns are a frequent target of Jayapal, her latest post is downright irresponsible. Jayapal and the rest of the Radical Left want to ban guns.
26 days ago

Rantz: Seattle Times can’t figure out why fentanyl floods the city

The left-wing newspaper glaringly omits the country's porous border because it harms President Joe Biden and Democrats.
28 days ago

Rantz: Soft-on-crime Washington judges release accused rapist, car thief

The probable cause documents said Gerdts tried to manipulate the mother by "telling her they will all go to jail for this."
29 days ago

Rantz: After break-ins and gun pulled on staff, biz owner runs for office

Sheth said the most recent break-in occurred last Saturday morning when three men in masks, hoodies, hats and gloves opened the patio door with a pry bar.
1 month ago

Rantz: Seattle council readies program that may kill social workers

The city of Seattle is hiring social workers as part of a program that removes police from policing. They're sending social workers to be hurt or killed.
1 month ago

Rantz: Seattle Times column blames Maui fires on ‘colonization’, ‘Europeans’

Left-wing Seattle Times columnist Naomi Ishisaka wants us to go way back into history to make a lazy anti-colonialism argument. 
1 month ago

Rantz: Donald Trump’s debate miscalculation is an unforced error

Trump is so far ahead in the polls that he believes he has nothing to gain by showing up to the debates, which will air live on KTTH 770 AM.
1 month ago

Rantz: Seattle has a gang problem that Democrats won’t mention

Violent gangs are taking advantage of our city's, county's, and state's soft-on-crime laws and policies, especially our lax approach to drug use.
1 month ago

Rantz: After mass shooting, Seattle voters share the blame

After yet another mass shooting in Seattle, don't assume Mayor Bruce Harrell will show an ounce of leadership.
1 month ago