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Rantz Exclusive: Secretary of State says AG Bob Ferguson demanded he break law in vulgar tirade

Secretary of State Steve Hobbs says Attorney General Bob Ferguson demanded he break the law in a vulgar and angry tirade.
2 days ago

Rantz: It’s time to pull the plug on Bumbershoot Seattle after latest disaster lineup

The newest Bumbershoot lineup confirms what we've known for a while: this music festival is dead in Seattle.
3 days ago

Rantz: Asylum seeker says Seattle activists are taking advantage of migrants

Migrants seeking asylum are being taken advantage of by Seattle housing activists convincing them to illegally occupy parks.
4 days ago

Rantz: UW Seattle embraced the Nazi Youth as a new generation of hate group has formed

The anti-Israel encampment at the University of Washington gave rise to a new hate group: UW Nazi Youth. It's time we call them what they are.
5 days ago

Rantz: Progressive candidate upset he isn’t running unopposed, makes up candidate

It appears that progressive candidate Shaun Scott expected to run unopposed for a state representative seat.
9 days ago

Rantz: Bob Ferguson using ‘fake’ name in his run for Governor, misstated law to threaten opponent

There were, briefly, three Bob Fergusons running for Governor. There's a scandal here, but it may not be what you think it is.
10 days ago

Rantz: UW Seattle gave barriers to Antifa to keep Jews out of Liberated Zone

The University of Washington (UW) provided the Liberated Zone occupiers with barricades to keep out Zionists and Jews.
11 days ago

Rantz: Seattle homeless man groped himself by ‘Free Gaza’ hacked sign

A homeless man was pleasuring himself in a Seattle park, across the street from a hacked electronic traffic sign to say "Free Gaza."
12 days ago

Rantz: You’re not falling into a trap while watching the news on antisemitic campus protests

Jason Rantz wonders if a recent column calling for nuance anti-Israel protest coverage is appropriate given the progressive media bias.
14 days ago

Rantz: Tacoma business owner has box truck stolen twice in under three days

A Tacoma business owner became a theft victim twice in under three days after his box truck and tools were stolen.
15 days ago

Rantz: Seattle homeless are about to disappear!

Visit Seattle this weekend and you'll see downtown cleaned up. Why? President Joe Biden is in town to bilk the wealthy of campaign dollars.
16 days ago

Rantz exclusive: UW professor assaulted at autonomous Liberated Zone as admin keeps cops away

A professor was assaulted at the University of Washington (UW) Liberated Zone. Administration, however, refuses to act.
17 days ago

Rantz: UW Seattle activists say their First Amendment rights threatened by speaker they don’t like

Student activists at the autonomous Liberated Zone apparently want a Charlie Kirk event censored at the University of Washington (UW).
18 days ago

Rantz Exclusive: UW Professor stalked and harassed at Seattle autonomous ‘Liberated Zone’

A UW professor was stalked and harassed at the autonomous Liberated Zone. UW Police are not allowed to patrol as normal.
19 days ago

Rantz: UW Seattle students create autonomous ‘Liberated Zone’ with library, medic tent, no free speech rights

UW Seattle students set up an autonomous Liberated Zone for a "Free Palestine." It features a library, but no free speech rights.
22 days ago

Rantz Exclusive: Seattle mayor establishing emphasis area, will jail suspects in Issaquah, at SCORE

Mayor Bruce Harrell is establishing an emphasis area covering a 40 block radius downtown. The plan promises suspects will actually face jail.
22 days ago

Rantz: Governor Inslee speaks gibberish, claims EV school buses quiets kids, make them ‘mature’

Governor Jay Inslee is fascinated with EVs. But his desperate push led to some weird comments about EV school buses.
23 days ago

Rantz: Anonymous donor who gave $50K to house migrants in Kent revealed

"The Jason Rantz Show" on KTTH spoke with the activist who donated $50,000 to migrants in Kent. She says she'll continue her donations.
24 days ago

Rantz: Watch an unhinged student yell ‘shame’ at pro-Israel man at UW encampment

At the antisemitic UW encampment, an unhinged student is seen yelling "shame!" at a student with an Israeli flag.
25 days ago

Rantz: Seattle employee pulls knife on violent homeless man, cops weren’t dispatched

Seattle police were not dispatched to a shop a homeless man allegedly threatened staff. The owner wonders if this is the end of downtown.
25 days ago

Rantz: Diverse group of Seattle college students unite to hate Jews at ‘UW Palestine encampment’

At long last, the UW Palestine Encampment is becoming a reality so white and Arab students can come together to hate Jews.
26 days ago

Rantz: Some anti-Israel extremists privately plotting violence against Seattle cops

Some anti-Israel extremists in Seattle say they are plotting to use violence against cops. How soon are we from Antifa-style activism?
29 days ago

Rantz: UW students postpone antisemitic encampment for having too many white saviors

The planned UW antisemitic encampment was just too white. Progressive extremists have postponed the direct action for the time being.
29 days ago

Rantz: UW Seattle students planning antisemitic encampment to mirror Columbia University

Antisemites at UW are joining Columbia University and other college students in embracing antisemitism. Their encampment goes up Thursday.
1 month ago