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Jason Rantz

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Rantz: King County fired the unvaccinated, now pays $103 an hour to fix staffing crisis

The staffing situation at King County jails is so dire that some correction officers are now being paid over $100 an hour for overtime.
2 days ago

Rantz: Man allegedly car prowls for an hour in broad daylight, as police couldn’t respond

A man was caught on video as he appears to car prowl in Tacoma. Police officers were nowhere to be seen, but even if they were, he couldn't be detained.
2 days ago

Rantz: Seattle-area school uses MLK Jr. Day to bash police and USA

A local school used a Martin Luther King Day assembly to amplify virulently anti-police and anti-American messages. Is this what the holiday is meant for?
3 days ago

Rantz: New equity policy bars Seattle Police from some traffic stops, opens door to more car theft

Seattle Police are now barred from many non-criminal traffic stops after activists claimed concerns over equity.
6 days ago

Rantz: MultiCare hospitals order symptomatic COVID-positive staff to see patients

MultiCare Health Systems is forcing COVID-positive staff to work at its area hospitals, the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH has learned.
8 days ago

Rantz: WA laws now allow teen gender reassignment surgery without parental consent

Washington state now appears to allow minors to undergo life-changing gender reassignment surgery without parental consent.
10 days ago

Rantz: Seattle Police shed an astonishing number of officers in 2021, more expected soon

The Seattle Police Department lost 170 officers in 2021, but that's only part of the story. Dozens more will separate from the department in coming weeks.
10 days ago

Rantz: UW administrator goes to war over Seattle professor’s hilarious land acknowledgment joke

A left-wing University of Washington administrator censored the syllabus of a professor over a joke land acknowledgment she claims is offensive.
11 days ago

Rantz: Dem law led to K-9 line of duty death but Seattle activists blame police

Washington Democrats passed a series of anti-police laws pitched as "reimaging" public safety. A Seattle police K-9 is dead because of it.
12 days ago

Rantz: Rep. Jayapal fundraises off Jan. 6 riot, hopes you forget she tried to overturn election

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Seattle) is fundraising off the Jan. 6 riot and hopes you'll forget when she tried to overturn an election.
14 days ago

Rantz: Sound Transit spends billions, yet still can’t get escalators to work

Sound Transit has spent billions in tax dollars and will spend billions more for light rail service, yet they can't even get escalators to work.
15 days ago

Rantz: Prosecutor says ‘get used to’ no jail time for teen gun crimes, assault, theft

A top King County prosecutor told South Sound mayors that they better "get used to" no jail time for juvenile criminals.
16 days ago

Rantz: Seattleites complain they can’t find woke therapists for segregated health care

Welcome to the woke movement of segregated health care, where Seattleites complain they can't find therapists who look like they do.
17 days ago

Rantz: Seattle COVID cases surge as vaccine mandate, passports fail miserably

King County and Seattle vaccine mandates and passports are failures. COVID cases are surging in the county, driven by Seattle.
18 days ago

Rantz: School forces kids to eat outside in frigid, rainy weather, days after snowstorm

We're only days separated from a brutal winter snowstorm, but one school is forcing students to eat lunch outside. It's supposed to rain every day this week.
18 days ago

Rantz: WA Democrats’ bill says it’s ‘racial equity’ to go easy on drive-by murderers

Washington Democrats hope to go easy on drive-by shooters in order to promote equity for criminals. It's the latest light-on-crime scheme pushed under the guise of being anti-racist.
23 days ago

Rantz: Seattle’s Polar Bear Swim ironically forces masks, COVID boosters on swimmers

Seattle's Polar Bear Swim changed its rules due to the rapid spread of the omicron variant of COVID. One rule could actually be dangerous.
24 days ago

Rantz: COVID infects 29 staff in 3 days at already-depleted Seattle Fire Dept.

At least 29 Seattle Fire Department operations staff members are in quarantine after testing positive for COVID.
29 days ago

Rantz: Seattle Police, Fire staffing critically low and the vaccinated are getting COVID

Seattle Police and Fire are still dangerously understaffed, COVID is spreading amongst some staff, and city residents are not fully protected.
1 month ago

Rantz: No plans to investigate massive Seattle homeless scandal, ensuring it happens again

The man tasked with clearing a Seattle homeless camp asked an addict to "slam" him with meth, and his organization was barely vetted.
1 month ago

Rantz: Unhinged activists claim criticizing woke teachers is ‘alt-right,’ ‘violence’

Some parents in the Lake Washington School District are upset with an editorial criticizing a teacher for bringing her political bias into the classroom.
1 month ago

Rantz: Teacher admits she brings politics into the classroom, miffed people are upset

A Seattle-area high school teacher admits that she and her colleagues deliberately bring politics into the classroom.
1 month ago

Rantz: Seattle police ‘Unavailable’ list grows, city an emergency event away from catastrophe

The Seattle Police Department staffing emergency continues, leaving the city one emergency event away from a serious catastrophe.
1 month ago

Rantz: Prolific offender and meth addict allegedly rapes woman after courts go easy on him

Kitsap County courts routinely went easy on a prolific offender and drug addict who ended up raping a victim. It was preventable.
1 month ago