Jake Skorheim

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Website: http://www.mynorthwest.com

Jake Skorheim is the host of KIRO Nights on KIRO Newsradio 97.3 FM. Skorheim started at Bonneville Seattle in 2008 as producer for The David Boze Show on KTTH. In 2009 he moved to KIRO, serving as Dori Monson’s producer until 2016, before taking a hiatus from radio.

Skorheim: The story of a ‘village idiot,’ a large-horned steer and a chop-top Ford

The tale of a 2,200-pound steer (formerly bull) riding shotgun in a chop-top crown vic and a man who refers to himself as the "village idiot."
19 days ago

Skorheim: Free (tiny) train rides this weekend in Skykomish

Heading east with no particular destination in mind, out of nowhere, we saw a sign up near Skykomish that read, "Free Train Rides."
21 days ago