Katharine Federer

Katharine Federer comes to KIRO Newsradio following a long career in writing and in the performing arts. She attended the New York City conservatory of the arts and then performed jazz throughout Europe. Katharine has collaboratively written songs with Michael Buble, Pink and Hilary Duff along with having songs released by Kelly Rowland, Jacob Whitesides and Burt Bacharach. She is now taking courses from Michigan State’s School of Journalism and raising her daughter.

Protesters gather in Puyallup, Bellingham to speak out against vaccine mandate

Hundreds gathered at a Puyallup intersection Wednesday to protest the state mandate that health care workers get vaccinated.
2 years ago

Puyallup teens raise money with fireworks sales

A group of teenagers is running the entire operation at a firework stand at Puyallup's Meridian Town Center.
2 years ago