Kim Shepard

Kim Shepard was a news anchor and reporter for KIRO Radio and the office optimist. She's energetic, quick to laugh and has a positive outlook on life.

March For Science Seattle returns to the streets Saturday

March For Science Seattle attracted nearly 25,000 people last year and will hit the streets again Saturday, April 14, 2018 starting at 10 a.m. at Cal Anderson Park.
3 years ago

The May Day horses: How you can help these forgotten animals

The May Day horses were abandoned on a Western Washington property. How you can help and potentially save these neglected animals.
4 years ago

You are a victim of fake news whether you know it or not

UW professor Kate Starbird never intended to study fake news. But the issue has become so prevalent in America, it's hard to miss.
4 years ago

Heart Gallery at Crossroads Mall is high (school) art

The Heart Gallery at Crossroads Mall features artwork curated by Bellevue high school seniors from the Big Picture School.
4 years ago

Student walkout isn’t about leaving class

Thousands of students are expected to participate in a national walkout to protest gun violence at schools and they say they'll be making a difference
4 years ago

Faithful dog risks life to save Des Moines boy from intruders

A Des Moines family dog risked its life to save the life of a teen boy as two intruders broke into their home. The dog was shot and needs surgery.
4 years ago

You’ll always find a buddy at Beaver Lake Middle School

As one teacher retires at Beaver Lake Middle School, so does its mascot Buddy the Bulldog. But there's an effort to immortalize the prized pet.
4 years ago

6-year-old inspires Project Freedom Ride, saves over 700 dogs

He's just 6 years old, but Roman has already saved the lives of more than 700 dogs.
4 years ago

Washington teachers, tech leaders show off in London

BETT draws educators from around the globe to London. This year, Northwest educators and leaders are among the featured tech talent.
4 years ago

Everclear guitarist starting youth rock band in Snoqualmie

Everclear guitar player Davey French is teaching lessons in Snoqualmie and starting a youth rock bank in his Eastside community.
4 years ago

Environmental activists worried about Shoreline’s Hamlin Park

Environmental activists are worried about the potential of cutting down trees in Shoreline's 80-acre Hamlin Park to make way for a maintenance facility.
4 years ago

Military personnel called in to fight wildfires across West

In all, Washington state has eight active wildfires contributing to the haze that blocked out the sunlight this week. The entire West is battling major wildfires.
4 years ago

Seattle area teachers sent to Marine boot camp

Seattle area teachers took a break from their summer break to go to military boot camp and learn what it's like to join up.
4 years ago

Residents angered after makeshift 9/11 memorial removed in King County

As they were taking it down, a King County road crew left a note saying that someone called to complain that the American flag was offensive.
4 years ago

Finding creative solutions to Tacoma’s homeless crisis

For years, the motel on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma was notorious for drugs, prostitution and other criminal activity. Now it may be the key to clean up.
4 years ago

Pierce County cracking down on drug dens

Pierce County is getting creative as they work to address one of the biggest complaints of residents: derelict properties that turn into crime magnets.
4 years ago

Breast cancer survivor to celebrate life before Gas Works fireworks

A woman’s Fourth of July tribute celebrates our nation and her victory over breast cancer. Bridgette beat breast cancer twice. The first time she was diagnosed was on her 35th birthday.
4 years ago

Gospel Mission supervisor disagrees with references to ‘addicts’

"People are going to seek treatment when they're ready to, regardless of whether you call them drug addicts or a drug user. Treatment occurs when someone hits rock bottom."
4 years ago

Effort to ban safe injection sites near halfway to petition goal

The effort to put an anti-safe injection site on the November ballot is gaining momentum and has half of its needed petition signatures.
4 years ago

Research shows your drunk personality is just your personality

Researchers wanted to find out how much your personality really changes while under the influence of alcohol.
4 years ago

What will Seattle mayor do with all that campaign funding?

The Seattle mayor raised about $400,000 for his re-election campaign. What happens to that money now that he's withdrawn from the race?
4 years ago

Local teens in crisis find 13 reasons to seek help

The Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" has caused some concern over its mature topics, but some are finding it could be a useful tool.
4 years ago

Redmond rescue organization fighting to save equestrian lives

SAFE, a Redmond equestrian rescue and rehab facility is growing, and the need, as the founder explains it, is there.
4 years ago

Seattle boxing gym giving hope to Parkinson’s patients

There is a special boxing class at a North Seattle gym that is helping its students battle Parkinson's Disease.
5 years ago