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Despite early pushback, Seattle Public Schools reaches ‘fantastic’ vaccine mandate compliance

Of Seattle Public Schools' 7,283 full time employees, 99% have received COVID immunizations, and 205 have sought religious or medical exemptions.
10 hours ago

Seattle city attorney candidate defends past inflammatory tweets as ‘satire and sarcasm’

Seattle city attorney candidate Nicole Thomas-Kennedy defends incendiary posts on social media, claims 'Twitter is an inherently satirical and sarcastic.'
19 days ago

Push to ‘cancel the rent,’ extend moratoriums driven by risk of more homelessness

With eviction moratoriums set to expire at the end of June, some local groups are pushing for the state to cancel rent and help people avoid homelessness.
5 months ago

Seattle Pride to make decision on police presence ‘from a community perspective’

Seattle Pride Executive Director Krystal Marx provided insight into the group's position on police presence at its events in the future.
5 months ago

Wallingford bar owner ‘hopeful’ after extended closure due to move, COVID

The Octopus Bar in Wallingford was moving locations when the pandemic hit, forcing it to remain closed longer than expected. But it's opening this month.
8 months ago

Why increased spending appears not to be helping Seattle homelessness

Mike is joined by Scott Greenstone from The Seattle Times to discuss Seattle’s former homelessness director and why we spend so much without a fix.
8 months ago

How will Bezos stepping down at Amazon impact the company’s future?

KIRO Nights is joined by Todd Bishop of GeekWire to talk about how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will leave his post later this year.
9 months ago

Is WA unemployment head ‘failing up’ with new role in Biden administration?

KIRO Nights is joined by Seattle Times reporters Paul Roberts and Jim Brunner to discuss the state unemployment head Susi LeVine and her new position.
9 months ago

Boeing lands three sizable aircraft orders amidst DOJ settlements

Andrew McIntosh from the Puget Sound Business Journal joins KIRO Nights to fill us in on some good news out of Boeing.
9 months ago

How faulty Boeing system eventually led to 737 MAX crashes

Jon Ostrower, editor-in-chief of The Air Current, stops by to discuss Boeing's MCAS system and how it had been found ineffective.
9 months ago

‘Like the future of the Jetsons’: Company aims to build electric airplanes in WA

Mike is joined by Andrew McIntosh of the Puget Sound Business Journal to learn more about another company that may soon be making planes in Washington state.
9 months ago

A ‘dramatic drop’ in flu cases is ‘silver lining’ of COVID prevention measures

Due in part to mask wearing, hand washing, cleaning, social distancing, and COVID prevention measures, there have been fewer flu cases this winter.
9 months ago

Amazon’s $2B affordable housing fund is ‘not snap your fingers and problem solved’

GeekWire's Todd Bishop joins KIRO Nights to discuss Amazon and Bezos' $2 billion fund for affordable housing in Seattle, Nashville, and Arlington.
10 months ago

UW psychology prof shares mental health tips to make it through COVID winter

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Jane Simoni, professor of psychology at the UW, offers some advice on how to make it through the winter. 
10 months ago

COVID test kiosks coming to Seattle as local test sites are ‘struggling’ to keep up with demand

State and local health officials recommend that as cases rise, COVID tests be reserved for those who have symptoms or a close contact who is infected.
11 months ago

WA Hospitality Association CEO: Restaurants are ‘not the problem’ as COVID cases spike

Anthony Anton with the Washington Hospitality Association has data to show that in Washington, COVID is spreading at home, not at restaurants.
11 months ago

Amazon, UPS hiring over 100,000 seasonal workers for holiday season

Companies like Amazon, UPS, and others have announced a hiring surge for the holiday season. KIRO Nights' Mike Lewis discusses his own experience.
12 months ago

UW professor: Election polling is ‘both art and science’

Mark Alan Smith, a political science professor at the University of Washington, shares insight on election polling and how the projections are made.
1 year ago

Eastern Cottontail population in Puget Sound booms as Seattle is ‘bunny nirvana’

Noticing more rabbits lately? There's a bunny boom in the Pacific Northwest says Aaron Wirsing, wildlife biologist and professor at the UW.
1 year ago

Pandemic ‘exacerbated an already tenuous situation’ in child care

This time last year, before anyone had heard of coronavirus, there was a child care crisis in the United States, and the pandemic has only made it worse. 
1 year ago

Four months later, family has no regrets about moving to isolated cabin

Tom Paulson, former health reporter at Seattle P-I, moved his mom from a retirement home to an isolated cabin. Four months later, KIRO Nights checks in.
1 year ago

UW psychologist on why we can’t seem to agree on COVID-19

Why have Americans struggled to agree on health directives related to COVID-19? One UW professor points to a growing cognitive dissonance in the US.
1 year ago

Local restaurant owner unsure how anyone will stay in business if restrictions remain

Small businesses across the country have been hit hard by the pandemic. Local business owner Tim Ptak runs three restaurants, and is trying to adapt.
1 year ago

Tacoma mayor considers universal basic income to ‘level the playing field’

Could a universal basic income pilot be on the way in Tacoma? Mayor Victoria Woodards hope to know for sure in the months ahead.
1 year ago