KIRO Radio staff

KIRO Radio staff

Fahrenthold: Taxpayers paid $1.7 million to protect Trump’s four kids, three officials

There's quite a bit of taxpayer money that went to the Secret Service to protect not just the president, but a bunch of other people as well.
1 month ago

‘They are exhausted’: Spokane reporter offers look inside ICU treating COVID patients

KXLY TV's Robyn Nance shares a special report from inside the ICU at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington.
1 month ago

Fahrenthold: Larry Elder’s strategy in California recall likely a ‘recipe for failure’

David Fahrenthold joins Seattle's Morning News live on election day in California, when residents will vote whether or not to recall Governor Gavin Newsom.
1 month ago

State senator calls for transparency in letter to Employment Security

A state legislator has written a letter to the Employment Security Department demanding answers after records requests are still going unfulfilled.
2 months ago

Home office space is now ‘very high on people’s list of requirements’

Between remote learning and remote work, the COVID pandemic in 2020 has shown us that home office space and internet access are not optional.
3 months ago

Kent City Council sides with rooster fans

The Kent City Council has scrapped a proposal to ban or restrict roosters, according to The Kent Reporter.
4 months ago

Streetwise: Thurston County school teaches students about road safety

KIRO Traffic's Tracy Taylor talks to a Thurston County School that is teaching kids about road safety and traffic.
4 months ago

Seattle councilmember says he may have the formula to take on city’s homeless crisis

Seattle City Councilmember Andrew Lewis and the coalition behind him believes he’s found the right formula to take on the city’s homeless crisis.
4 months ago

Inslee, leaders call on state Legislature to fund transportation infrastructure

Gov. Inslee and transportation leaders are calling on the state Legislature to fund transportation infrastructure to maintain roads, bridges, and ferries.
8 months ago

Armed officers triple mortality in school shootings, study finds

A study led by professor Dr. Jillian Peterson found that nearly three times as many people die in school mass shootings when an armed officer is present.
8 months ago

KIRO Radio presents: ‘A Green & White Christmas’

This holiday season, Seattle Radio Theatre and KIRO Radio returned with the magic of a live old-timey radio drama.
10 months ago

Sneak Preview of KIRO’s Holiday Radio Play

Hear a sneak preview of this year’s holiday radio play, “A Green & White Christmas.” Tune into the live show on KIRO Radio on Dec. 17 at 8 p.m.
11 months ago

State-mandated comprehensive sex education takes effect Thursday

Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal explains what to expect when the new comprehensive sex education law takes effect.
11 months ago

Fahrenthold: Trump has produced ‘comedy of errors’ in election challenges

The president's legal team has been pursuing election challenges in different states, but reporter David Fahrenthold says many have been thrown out.
11 months ago

WA Rep. Smith: Military has ‘no intention’ of using force to keep Trump in power

Congressman Adam Smith dispels rumors that President Trump may use the military to stage a coup and stay in office.
12 months ago

KIRO Radio presents: ‘A Walk in the Dark’

Every year at Halloween, the voices of KIRO Radio put on a special Halloween play. This year, not even the pandemic could stop the show from going on.
1 year ago

Follow KIRO Radio for special Election Day coverage

Election Day 2020 is nearly here! KIRO Radio has you covered on Nov. 3 and beyond.
1 year ago

Reykdal, Espinoza square off in debate over sex-ed

Mandatory sex education in K-12 schools is a central issue in the race for the Washington state Superintendent.
1 year ago

Residents of Seattle low income housing allege poor living conditions

Residents at low-income housing in South Seattle say that city leaders are ignoring the poor conditions at their apartments, including bugs, drugs, and crime.
2 years ago

King County Sheriff commissions Chief Patti Cole-Tindall (UPDATED)

Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht has given a full commission to a chief who is not approved by the state of Washington as a certified police officer.
2 years ago

One man’s quest to stop shoplifting in his Seattle neighborhood

Seattle residents, and at least one major business, say that shoplifting is a major problem and officials are doing very little about it.
2 years ago

Why is Seattle giving parking tickets to homeless man who won’t pay them?

The City of Seattle is running out of solutions for a homeless man with over $17,000 worth of parking tickets to his name.
2 years ago

Former Seahawk Doug Baldwin goes all in on community after retirement

With football in the rear view mirror, former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin is going all in on a community project in Renton.
2 years ago

Councilmember: King County Sheriff’s Office halted access to LInX without notice

Last week without warning, King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht eliminated access to LInX, a national database that local, state, and national law enforcement agencies use to share information.
2 years ago