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Weather over Father’s Day weekend to be 10 degrees cooler than normal

Mother’s Day weekend had sunshine and temperatures in the 70s to mid-80s. Sorry Dads – that will not be the case for this weekend.
8 days ago

Why has no one been arrested in the Garfield High School shooting?

It's been several days and still no arrests have been made in the deadly Garfield High School shooting. Many are asking "Why?"
11 days ago

‘Earthrise’ photographer who called Northwest home on his famous picture

Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders took a photograph of a distant earth in 1968. The image has since been come to be known as "Earthrise."
14 days ago

Father allegedly shoots, kills 9-month-old son in Seattle

The Seattle Police Department is investigating the death of a baby in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood Wednesday evening.
1 month ago

Butler: It’s time for food delivery apps to ‘PayUp’ in Seattle, beyond

Thinking about the Seattle PayUp legislation, app firms have learned how to offload costs onto employees. But it puts more burden on them.
2 months ago

The Letter Season 2: Jail visits are a tough place to try and get to know someone

After his parents learned Michael Moore would face the death penalty for killing two men, they hired a well-known Utah defense attorney.
2 months ago

More freedom for Washington workers as noncompete contracts are challenged

The Federal Trade Commission has swung its regulatory hammer, striking down nearly all non-compete agreements.
2 months ago

The Letter Season 2: Sense of dread precedes second 1982 Millcreek Canyon murder

The second episode of the second season of The Letter, "Ripple Effect," details the second man killed in a 1982 double murder.
2 months ago

FAA lifts ‘ground stop’ advisory for Alaska Airlines

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a "ground stop " advisory for Alaska Airlines, Reuters reported Wednesday.
2 months ago

The Letter podcast debuts 2nd season on 1982 murders of 2 fathers

Season 2 of the podcast highlights generational questions about trauma and forgiveness stemming from the 1982 murders of two young fathers.
2 months ago

Greg Tomlin: A national obsession 30 years later shows the country’s flaws

O.J. Simpson achieved fame, fortune and accolades for what he did on the football field. But, he'll be remembered primarily for his trial.
2 months ago

Greg Tomlin: Maybe aging rock stars keep performing for reasons outside of money

Life on the road seems par for the course rather than anomalous for these aging rock stars who continue to tour late in their lives.
2 months ago

KIRO Nights: Hyper sexual zombie cicadas?!

The periodical cicadas that are about to infest two parts of the United States aren't just plentiful, they're downright weird.
2 months ago

Feliks Banel’s ‘Scarecrow Video’ documentary nominated for Emmy Award

The academy's northwest chapter revealed its 2023 Emmy nominations and Feliks Banel is on the list for "Seattle's Legendary Scarecrow Video."
3 months ago

‘Kia Boyz’ allegedly execute a crime spree in south King County

Renton police chased down a 14-and 16-year-old but are still looking for two other teen suspects in what they said was a "crime spree" in south King County.
3 months ago

Everett police: Mother arrested in connection to death of 4-year-old boy

The Everett Police Department has arrested the mother of 4-year-old boy Ariel Garcia in connection with his death. 
3 months ago

‘I didn’t even feel it’: John Curley shares astonishing story of local winner

The "I-1THIS" license plate is more than creative, it comes with a story of triumph. John Curley told the story who won the winning plate.
3 months ago

Weekend road work: The bridges working against traffic flow

The Nisqually River Bridge is set to get its annual cleaning this weekend.
4 months ago

Jack Stine: We all deserve to be First Class

Regardless of where you are on the plane, you deserve to be treated like you are in First Class.
4 months ago

Gunfire exchanged near Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood

An investigation is underway after police and suspects exchanged gunfire in Lynnwood.
4 months ago

Seattle police officers given 9 hour suspensions after slow shooting response

A new report has revealed two Seattle Police Department officers took over 20 minutes to get to a shooting scene a mile away in late 2022.
4 months ago

Lynnwood council pres.: Bill that limits rent increases should be passed

The ongoing conversation regarding the pros and cons of HB 2114 has centered on tenants who live in apartment buildings are single family homes.
4 months ago

KIRO Nights on dating rules, timeframes: How long is too long to wait?

Deborah Graham's mention of the rule of threes provoked some polar opposite opinions from listeners.
4 months ago

Northwest Flower and Garden Festival brings an early spring to Seattle

Spring is in full bloom this week at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival in Seattle.
4 months ago