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Mayfield: Will the Seattle City Council do its job and pass a drug law?

Will today finally be the day the Seattle City Council does its job? Will today finally be the day the Seattle City Council does the bare minimum?
14 days ago

More protests following Seattle police comments after death of Jaahnavi Kandula

There were more protests this weekend over comments made by Seattle police after a university student was struck and killed by a police cruiser.
14 days ago

Homeless encampment cleared in Beacon Hill

Seattle city crews are clearing out a homeless encampment in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.
17 days ago

Babe Ruth baseball put up for auction ends up selling for $35K

Baseball icon Babe Ruth played some exhibition games and signed a lot of autographs, including a ball for a young Spokane boy who kept it in the family.
19 days ago

Burbank: Refocusing your wedding to not care what others think

Together in holy matrimony, the bells mean one thing: Exactly one week from tomorrow, I am going to be a married man.
1 month ago

Mayfield: Despite the Museum of Museums closure, art will still thrive

It's a sad day when art dies and a worse day when we have one fewer place to experience and embrace art.
2 months ago

Russell: How merit based are university admissions really?

Since the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, we have heard a lot of people talk about merit, a word that technically means the quality of being particularly good or worthy
3 months ago

Russell: Threads gives us the opportunity to reshape social media

I have to admit I'm a sucker for new beginnings. When I first heard about Meta's new app, Threads, which is supposed to be an alternative to Twitter
3 months ago

Ross: Faith leads lawyer to provide free counseling

I've been very fortunate to be part of a dedicated volunteer legal team that's provided by our bar association
3 months ago

Mayfield: My Dad was shot and our relationship changed forever

Travis Mayfield: My relationship with my Dad is no longer tumultuous, after he was shot during his police officer job.
4 months ago

Mayfield: Long, lazy summer days let me appreciate all the joy

I've been having so many stressful conversations this week. It's nice to take a break and enjoy those summer days.
4 months ago

Mayfield: Now is the perfect time to build Sue Bird a statue

Sue Bird is nothing short of a historic figure. She is a living legend. It is time to build a Sue Bird statue outside Climate Pledge Arena.
4 months ago

Mayfield: Let’s give each other space and kindness to recharge

Maybe work stress is draining you faster than you can recharge it. Maybe the general state of our world prevents you from even getting to 100% at all.
4 months ago

Mayfield: New laws regulating social media are needed now

As we debate social media laws to protect kids -- something we should do here in Washington -- we need to be nuanced and fact-based.
4 months ago

Mayfield: As smoke settles over halls of power, will minds change?

As the apocalypse is gently blown from the halls of power and towers of commerce, will the residue from smoke it leaves change any hearts?
4 months ago

Mayfield: An open letter to Washington State Republicans

Dear Washington State Republicans, I am begging you to find a way forward for a better place for all of us to live.
4 months ago

Mayfield: What happened with Seattle City Council drug ordinance vote?

What the actual heck did the Seattle City Council just do in regards to the drug ordinance that failed to pass on Tuesday?
4 months ago

Mayfield: Movie theaters could soon become unaffordable for some

It was heartbreaking to watch audiences flee during the pandemic and movie theaters close. I'm glad many were able to access relief money.
4 months ago

Medicaid coverage ending for some in Washington state

Medicaid coverage is ending for some in Washington state as people must resume proving the financial need to continue their health insurance.
4 months ago

Mayfield: We need to shed our tribal bloodlust and start listening again

It's the kind of expertise voters elect their leaders to use. It is not only an intensely lived experience but deeply researched and studied as well.
5 months ago

Mayfield: Thank the gay community for handling M-pox so you don’t have to

Remember M-pox or monkeypox as it was previously called? Doesn't sound familiar, you say? Good, because it's not really a threat to you anymore.
6 months ago

Report: Brother says body found in Renton is Leticia Martinez-Cosman

The investigation into a missing woman last seen at a Seattle Mariners game has resulted in the recovery of an unidentified body.
6 months ago

Sinkhole causing delays at Fauntleroy ferry terminal

A sinkhole at the Fauntleroy ferry terminal is causing a major slowdown for drivers on Vashon Island Monday.
6 months ago

Mayfield: Helping others through loss with empathy, care, and memory

Death, loss, and grief are hard things, so when we see others dealing with them sometimes our instinct is to turn away.
6 months ago