Meili Cady

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Meili Cady was formerly a news anchor, editor, and talk show contributor at KIRO Newsradio.

Edmonds’ Festive Drink Bingo spreads holiday cheer, supports local restaurants

A bingo game in Edmonds is encouraging the community to support local restaurants through the purchase of holiday drinks.
3 years ago

Pierce County porch pirate steals toy truck from a 7-year-old boy

A porch pirate in Pierce County stole a package intended for a young boy with cancer, but thanks to Amazon and a kind neighbor, he soon had a replacement.
3 years ago

Seniors in Issaquah raise money for Alzheimer’s by dressing up as Hollywood stars

An assisted living home in Issaquah is helping residents have some much-needed fun during the pandemic by dressing up for a “Hollywood Seniors Calendar."
4 years ago

Cleanup underway in Seattle after weekend protests turn to riot

A Seattle man spotted cleaning up the weekend damage Monday told KIRO Radio he supports peaceful protests, but disagrees with the riots.
4 years ago

Kent food truck owner feeds the homeless with Creole Soul

Hampton Isom, a flight attendant who also runs a food truck called Creole Soul, just won an award from Brawny. He often gives food to the homeless for free.
4 years ago

Pasado’s Pen Pals brings animals, children together during COVID crisis

Isolation can be really hard on people and for animals, but through Pasado's Pen Pals, children can write letters to animals at the sanctuary.
4 years ago

Painters turn Seattle streets into a pandemic-inspired art walk

Artists started "tagging" boards covering the windows of closed shops and restaurants as a way to spread hope and optimism during the pandemic.
4 years ago

Woman arrested for DUI after getting RV stuck in Taco Bell drive-thru

Police in Kennewick responded to reports of an RV stuck in a Taco Bell drive-thru late Thursday night.
4 years ago