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Micki Gamez grew up in Germany, but her family is from Austin, Texas! Micki has done radio all over the country, and now lives in Capitol Hill with her wife and two children. Micki's guilty pleasure is swimming in Lake Washington.

Study: Staying in standard time leads to more deer-vehicle collisions

When we turn back our clocks each November, we increase our chances of hitting deer because they come out in abundance at night.
17 hours ago

Damaged propeller takes popular ferry route down to one boat

Days before the service restoration plan was to become permanent on a popular ferry route, crew members noticed an unusual vibration.
4 days ago

Computer malfunction delaying reservations for San Juan ferries

Spring vehicle reservations for San Juan ferries and the Port Townsend-Coupeville route are postponed because of a computer malfunction.
7 days ago

So you’ve been laid off, time to be patient and stay vigilant

"More than 46,000 workers in U.S.-based tech companies have been laid off in mass job cuts so far in 2023."
7 days ago

Rats coming up toilets no tall tale in Seattle after heavy rain

The rain sometimes forces rats up through sewage pipes and can end up in pipes that lead inside your sinks, showers, and toilets.
7 days ago

Retirees seeking other countries to maximize their dollars

Twelve percent of American retirees are leaving the country, according to an Aegon Retirement Readiness survey from 2022.
9 days ago

Inflation is hitting Seattle harder than most of the US

If the rising costs have felt disproportionate to the rest of the U.S., that's because Seattle has the third-highest inflation in the nation.
10 days ago

Driving in Washington among the worst in the nation

Driving in Washington is challenging. In fact, according to a WalletHub survey, we are 49 out of 50 states as the worst state to drive in.
11 days ago

Seattle traffic congestion hasn’t reached pre-pandemic levels, study says

While your morning commute on Interstate 5 might feel painful, it still is not nearly as bad as before the pandemic, according to a new study
14 days ago

Game day rituals, superstitions abundant among fans ahead of Seahawks playoff game

The game day rituals and superstitions are littered throughout the Puget Sound area, with some fans sharing their team pride at work.
15 days ago

King County wants input from North Puget Sound light rail riders

King County Metro wants to improve ridership experience, so they are asking Washington passengers from King and Snohomish counties for input.
15 days ago

Tacoma’s guaranteed income program is now done, was it a success?

110 Tacoma lower-income households received $500 a month for 12 months as part of a guaranteed income program (GRIT) in Tacoma.
17 days ago

Will Sounder train ridership bounce back post-pandemic?

Sounder train ridership has been down since the start of the pandemic, and it has yet to bounce back, according to Sound Transit.
24 days ago

What to do when your luggage makes it to Seattle, but you don’t

Traveling this holiday season isn't for the faint of heart with all of the flight delays, cancellations, and ensuing commotion.
29 days ago

Gamez: How I got back to Seattle after flight was canceled in Vegas

Micki Gamez describes her journey back to Seattle with two strangers and their families after their flight was canceled in Las Vegas.
30 days ago

List of King County Library’s 100 top books of 2022 is out

KCLS librarians and staff members share their favorite books of the year, with their top 100 books of 2022.
1 month ago

Gamez: It’s time to talk about men’s mental health in America

According to mental health experts, American men are in crisis, and it's time we talked about it more openly.
1 month ago

Office holiday parties are back! (We think)

"More than 57% of companies are planning in-person holiday celebrations this year, according to a survey of 252 U.S.-based companies.
1 month ago

‘Steering column issue’ grounds some King County Metro buses

King County Metro removed 126 buses from its 1,500-bus fleet a week ago because of steering manufacturing issues.
1 month ago

Study: Seattle is the No. 1 city in the US for single people

If you are single and loving it, you might be surprised that one Washington State city is #1 in the nation for singles.
1 month ago

Gamez: Safety concerns over the holidays with ‘tripledemic’ surge

The 'tripledemic' - flu, COVID, and RSV - is spreading fast and unusually early this year all across the country.
2 months ago

King County Metro pulls 8% of bus fleet for steering issues

King County Metro removed 126 buses from its 1,500-bus fleet Tuesday because of steering manufacturing issues.
2 months ago

What to do if you experience loneliness around the holidays

Loneliness happens to the best of us, and most of us have experienced it at one point in our lifetime, explains Micki Gamez.
2 months ago

Christmas trees cost upwards of $300 in some parts of Seattle

Christmas tree prices have gone up about 10% or more across the country. The price some Christmas trees will cost upwards of $300 or more.
2 months ago