Max Gross


Producer, Jason Rantz Show, 3pm-7pm on KTTH

Gross: Expanding coffee chain spurns Seattle to avoid rising minimum wages

Herman pointed to minimum wage standards as a major reason why it is hard for small businesses, like Woods Coffee, to operate in Seattle.
5 months ago

2020 riots inspire former SPD officer to develop next-level safety barricades

A Former Seattle Police officer has developed a new device that could greatly reduce the risks of conflict between police and civilians.  
6 months ago

Gross: Lawyer warns Seattle’s real estate, tenant nightmares will get worse 

If you think it’s bad in Seattle, just wait until California inspires more extreme policies to hit our region, warned a California-based attorney.
6 months ago

Gross: Local auto shop forced to start over after break-in: ‘This is going to keep happening’ 

Burglars broke through a lock and window to access the building. They stole two vehicles; a customer's and one loaded with work equipment.  
7 months ago

Is it legal for the Redmond Mayor to make her social media pages private?

The mayor isn’t responding to the incident of her daughter tearing down flyers showing Israelis taken hostage, turning her X account to private instead.
7 months ago

Gross: Skagit County animal sanctuary facing shutdown over permits

A Skagit County animal sanctuary is facing the prospect of having to shut its doors due to the county suddenly demanding it acquire special permits to house its animals.  
7 months ago

Gross: Ellensburg’s proposed park changes would hinder local facility for veterans

The local American Legion post has 500 members, many of whom are veterans who are disabled and elderly.  
7 months ago

City Council candidate tries to keep Seattle politics out of Bellevue 

A Bellevue City Council candidate hopes to keep the state’s best communities intact against a rash of problems flocking to the eastside.
8 months ago

Gross: Why Seattle ‘nightmare tenant’ can now stay in rental into 2024

Jason Roth, was willing to work with his tenant to set up a payment plan. Later, Roth learned his property was listed on Airbnb.
8 months ago

Gross: Seattle ‘nightmare tenant’ throws lavish parties while living rent free

Owner Jason Roth said he rented the property to a tenant, but he wouldn’t pay rent. Since then, Roth has claimed that the man has profited off the home.
8 months ago

Gross: Tacoma’s extreme ‘renters rights’ initiative will kill rental market

Tacoma's "Tenant Bill of Rights" initiative will strip rights away from landlords and have an adverse effect on the housing market.
8 months ago

Gross: Spokane mayor touts crime reduction results that Seattle should notice 

Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward announced last month that patrols would be ramped up in busy, crime-riddled areas of downtown.
8 months ago

Reichert: Inslee ‘should have been honest from Day 1’ about ballooning gas prices

"When you look at the gas tax, that of course adds cost to everything in the state that we buy," the candidate told The Jason Rantz Show.
9 months ago

Gross: Sound Transit wanted to decimate trees; residents demanded better 

Lake Forest Park residents were livid when they heard about a potential new Sound Transit Project that would destroy tree life in the community.
9 months ago

Gross: Skyrocketing rents puts Tacoma kids nonprofit in desperate need of help  

Toy Rescue Mission in Tacoma needs donations to help cover their soaring building costs and keep the operation running.
9 months ago

Gross: Candidate fights for Bothell’s ‘character’ after state’s housing density law

Bothell City Council candidate Mark Swanson has a platform centered around housing density. The city is filled with cookie-cutter apartments.
9 months ago

Gross: Landlords ditching Seattle over nightmare tenants, laws 

The eviction process has been slowly molded over the years to favor tenants, treating honest, good-faith tenants the same as irresponsible scoundrels.
10 months ago

Gross: Seattle landlord secures a key win against nightmare tenant

Jason Roth listed his Seattle residence as a rental property, but claimed his tenant faked being low-income to avoid paying his rent.
10 months ago

Gross: Nightmare tenant made Seattle landlord go homeless

"He proposed to me what he could pay. And we did a formal agreement. I paid an attorney to read it up and he [still] couldn’t pay."
11 months ago

Gross: Immigration services threatens deportation over department’s error

A couple living in Sammamish County believes that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is holding a grudge against those who are unvaccinated.
11 months ago

Max Gross: Wenatchee mayor claims homeless being bused in

Mayor Frank Kuntz' suspicions were confirmed after the county's latest Point in Time count saw an increase in Wenatchee's homeless population. 
11 months ago

Gross: Law enforcement fear crime spike among youths during summer

Youth crime concerns continue to rage on around the region and one local sheriff anticipates trends will get worse this summer. 
12 months ago

Gross: Lack of driver’s ed programs putting families in a pinch

For the first time in over 20 years, Ferndale Public Schools will not be offering driver’s ed programs for students.
1 year ago

Gross: Federal Way resident fed up over repeated Walmart crimes

Multiple police responses have been needed at the two Walmart locations in Federal Way. One incident was reported as an aggravated assault.
1 year ago