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Matt Markovich brings 30+ years worth of reporting experience to KIRO Newsradio. He was originally brought to Seattle by KIRO-TV in 1991. After three years, he moved over to KOMO-TV and was there until the fall of 2021. After that, he did some fill-in talk show work here at KIRO-FM before moving over to FOX 13 as their political reporter. He’s a winner of 14 Northwest Emmy Awards. Matt began his broadcast career at KMET-FM in Los Angeles as a surf reporter while was going to college at UC Santa Barbara (his hometown) and making Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax. If you know what it is, you know why Matt was hired as a surf reporter. KMET brought him on full-time as a 19 year old radio producer/reporter at one of the largest rock ‘n roll stations in the country. He later finished up college at San Diego State University. He races Hobie Catamarans competitively, loves to ski, now ‘surfs’ the world wide web and shares travel secrets. He’s been married to his wife Carlissa for 26 years, has a son Josh, 23 and daughter Jessie 21 plus two labs Mekah and Georgia.

Seattle City Council takes steps to expand use of automated license plate readers

A Seattle City Council committee expanded the use of automated license plate readers across the Seattle Police Department's fleet Tuesday.
19 hours ago

Inslee directive requires Washington hospitals to provide emergency abortion care

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has issued a directive requiring the Department of Health to ensure hospitals provide emergency abortion care.
21 hours ago

Designs unveiled for new I-5 bridge between Washington, Oregon

The first conceptual design drawings for a replacement I-5 bridge between Washington and Oregon were made public Monday.
2 days ago

Seattle homeowners face sticker shock with new levies

Seattle homeowners should be prepared for sticker shock after an approved housing levy and proposed transportation levy take shape.
7 days ago

Markovich: Where’s our ‘inconvenience fee’ for when the president visits and disrupts Seattle?

Three weeks after Biden's visit, Vice President Harris made a trip to the Washington ATM. Well, now I want my ATM service fee. Call it an inconvenience fee.
7 days ago

‘Consider every option’: State GOP leader addresses Semi Bird endorsement

The Washington Republican Party's head said leadership is looking at the new allegations against endorsed candidate for governor, Semi Bird.
8 days ago

Is it a tax or not? Attorney general sued over controversial ballot language

Rep. Jim Walsh sued Attorney General Bob Ferguson over what Walsh calls "warning labels" the attorney general must include on the ballot.
8 days ago

Markovich: 75% of King County refugees won’t get what they seek

The saga of 100 asylum seekers, who have been pushed around King County, may be ending soon as they face eviction.
8 days ago

Seattle scraps ShotSpotter plans; advances surveillance, license plate readers

Seattle has abandoned plans to install acoustic gunshot locators after receiving cost estimates for the "Crime Prevention Technology Pilot."
9 days ago

Lawmakers, judges, prisoners seek resentencing reform amid victim concerns

The resentencing reform effort arises as victims of violent crime argue the proposed state law doesn't take their healing into consideration.
12 days ago

Diaz to depart as SPD chief; Interim Sue Rahr to focus on cultural change

Former King County Sheriff Sue Rahr will replace Adrian Diaz and serve as interim Seattle Police chief, Mayor Bruce Harrell said.
14 days ago

Seattle Police Department faces staffing shortages causing slower response times

Despite a very public push to recruit new officers, staffing challenges and response times have changed very little within SPD.
15 days ago

How does Washington fix its eviction case backlog? A constitutional change is needed

King County is struggling with this workload due to a constitutional requirement that unlawful detainer cases must be heard by a constitutional commissioner.
19 days ago

Washington Supreme Court rejects bid to return convicted murderer, documentary star to prison

The Washington State Supreme Court rejected an effort to send convicted murderer Kimonti Dennis Carter back to prison on Thursday.
20 days ago

Washington Republicans face internal feud over endorsements ahead of elections

Washington Republicans are in the midst of an experiment, leading to a political family feud over the most "electable" candidates.
20 days ago

Markovich: What would ‘the most trusted man in America’ think of AI, ‘news’ now?

What would Walter Cronkite think of artificial intelligence in our world of opinionated "news" outlets (and that's news in quotes)?
21 days ago

‘Discriminatory practices’: Seattle police captain sues city, Chief Adrian Diaz

A longtime Seattle Police Department captain filed a discrimination lawsuit Monday against the city of Seattle and Chief Adrian Diaz.
22 days ago

Seattle police aptitude test under scrutiny amid recruitment struggles

An aptitude test used by the Seattle Police Department is being questioned as a potential reason the city is struggling to recruit officers.
23 days ago

Signature gathering begins for initiative to keep natural gas in Washington

Those seeking to halt the state's efforts to eliminate natural gas use in homes and buildings want to get the measure on the November ballot.
27 days ago

Judge tosses lawsuit aimed at removing state’s gender-affirming care for youth

A federal judge in Washington has dismissed a lawsuit brought by two anti-transgender groups challenging a state law.
27 days ago

Privacy vs. finding stolen cars: Seattle considers expanding license plate readers

The Seattle Police Department aims to dramatically expand the use of license plate readers to all 360 of its vehicles.
28 days ago

King County Council votes to increase minimum wage by 25%

The Metropolitan King County Council voted Tuesday to increase the minimum wage in unincorporated King County by 25%.
29 days ago

Markovich: What do President Joe Biden and Sammy Sosa have in common?

A hotel charged $55 to have your picture taken with baseball’s Sammy Sosa. For President Biden, that photo would cost a minimum of $25,000.
29 days ago

Both duplicate Bob Fergusons withdraw from governors race

AG Bob Ferguson sent two cease-and-desist letters to two other Robert Fergusons in an effort to remove their names from the August primary ballot.
1 month ago