Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle hosts the James Beard Award nominated podcast "Your Last Meal." She's an Edward R Murrow award-winning feature reporter and can be heard daily with John Curley & Shari Elliker at 4:30pm and KIRO Nights with Jack Stine at 7:30pm.

Seattle’s No Judgement Fitness is a safe space for the LGBTQ community to workout

No Judgement Fitness is mirror free and focuses on body positivity, not weight loss. 
3 days ago

New LinkedIn data shows more women are promoted to manager in Seattle than any other city

Women in Seattle are 80% more likely than the national average to advance to manager. 
5 days ago

Skein and Tipple: Whidbey Island’s newest craft cocktail bar is also a yarn store

Yarn up front, cocktails in back! When the liquor control board told the owners they must have live entertainment, they cooked up Tuesday Knit Night. 
10 days ago

Seattle sisters saw the Beatles in 1964, return to the same venue tonight to see Paul McCartney

Barbara Horn and Irene Crawford reminisce about seeing Beatles at Seattle Center in 1964.
13 days ago

Alaska Airlines is the first US carrier to introduce gender neutral uniforms

Alaska Airlines' new policy gives also all employees permission to wear makeup, earrings, fingernail polish, and gender-neutral uniforms.
19 days ago

Fewer pills, more parks: More doctors are prescribing nature to patients

Non-profit programs in the US and Canada encourage doctors to sign on and prescribe their patients time spent outside or, for some, more time at a sunny window. 
20 days ago

Julia Child’s pop culture resurgence is feeding a new generation of pandemic-era home cooks

Julia Child is an American icon, but in the last month there are two new TV shows and a book based on her life, as well as a documentary released last November. Rachel Belle wanted to know why they're all being released now.
26 days ago

Portland’s The Sports Bra is the first bar in the world to exclusively air women’s sports

Owner Jenny Nguyen says only 4% of televised sports are women's sports, and she's hopeful that a place like The Sports Bra might help inspire an all-female sports TV network where content is available 24/7. 
1 month ago

Serious government agencies use jokes, puns, and sick burns to connect on social media

In recent years, historically serious government organizations have been attempting to connect with the public through humor on social media.
1 month ago

Mariners’ new menu serves everything, from mealworm and cricket ice cream to fried chicken

T-Mobile Park announces its new menu items, and Seattle palates will be thrilled to find within it their favorite local restaurants.
2 months ago

Kosher Jews and Muslims ponder: is it OK to eat plant-based pork?

Jewish and Islamic law has always strictly forbidden pork, but now, Impossible and Beyond Meat have introduced a plant-based, vegan pork product.
2 months ago

To ‘s’ or not to ‘s’: Does anyone know how to pronounce Des Moines, WA?

A local challenges Rachel Belle's pronunciation of Des Moines, Washington. She went down a rabbit hole to learn the truth. 
2 months ago

‘Traveling While Black In Seattle’ is a modern day Green Book

A Seattle couple explores museums, restaurants, and local cities and then shares their experience as part of "Traveling While Black In Seattle."
2 months ago

Making friends in midlife can be tough, but people are hungry for connection

Many friends were uprooted during the pandemic, and are now looking for connection. Rachel Belle interviews midlife folks who eventually found their person. 
2 months ago

Rachel Belle’s incredibly awkward interview with Russell Wilson

A look back on a 2015 interview between Rachel Belle and Russell Wilson that got awkward once a certain topic was brought up.
2 months ago

Seattle’s Wunderground Coffee is infused with mood-lifting mushrooms

From the founder of Cupcake Royale and The Goodship comes the next big thing: coffee infused with medicinal mushrooms like chaga, reishi, and lion's mane. 
3 months ago

‘We kiss quite frequently’: Seattle couple celebrates their 71st Valentine’s Day together

Seattle lovebirds Victor and Regina Amira met more than 71 years ago, in 1950. For him, it was a lightning bolt of love at first sight.
3 months ago

Temporary Seattle garage businesses allowed during pandemic are expected to stick around

Nightshade Botanicals, a plant shop in a Seattle garage, is one of a few new businesses that will stick around with help from an updated land use bill.
3 months ago

Three single moms bought a house together and saved $30,000 each last year

Holly Harper couldn't afford to buy a home of her own, so she pooled her resources with two other single moms to buy a four-unit farmhouse.
3 months ago

Seattle actor Tom Skerritt plays first starring role at 88 years old

"East of the Mountains," a new film starring local actor Tom Skerritt, was filmed in Eastern Washington and directed and produced by two Seattle filmmakers. 
4 months ago

The Great Resignation: Seattle workers prioritizing respect and work-life balance over money

Rachel Belle interviewed a handful of Seattle workers who quit their jobs in 2021 without another one lined up, and every single one of them is happier now.
4 months ago

This teenage boy wants to help your teen be vulnerable and fight toxic masculinity

15-year-old Zach Gottlieb started an Instagram and TikTok page for teens to submit questions on topics like anxiety, breakups, and more.
4 months ago

Seattle CEO prepares to bring lab-grown salmon to sushi bars, grocery stores

The next generation of sustainable, environmentally sound proteins will come from actual meat and fish. Wildtype is growing cuts of Coho salmon using salmon cells.
5 months ago

No one is talking about menopause, not even your doctor

Let's Talk Menopause founder Donna Klassen says most women don't know the symptoms and most medical schools don't include menopause in the curriculum. 
5 months ago