Ted Buehner

Website: http://www.mynorthwest.com

Ted Buehner is a longtime meteorologist expert for the Pacific Northwest.

Sunny now, El Niño soon; How to prepare

Given the recent hot, dry weather, along with regional wildfires, smoke, and air quality concerns, people should take it seriously.
10 days ago

Guide to safe driving for back to school season

With school resuming, that means it is time to review school safety driving skills and break summer season driving habits around schools.
18 days ago

What’s the difference between Meteorological fall and Astronomical fall?

Last week, Sept. 1, marked the start of Meteorological Fall. Yes, the astronomical summer season continues until the Fall Equinox, which falls Sept. 22
18 days ago

Blue moon coming to Puget Sound region, but will we be able to see it?

The next ‘blue moon’ is set to rise Wednesday evening in the eastern sky at 8:13 p.m. in the Puget Sound region.
26 days ago

Seattle heat wave: Hot weather could break records this week

This week will involve the longest stretch of hot weather in the greater Seattle region so far this year, and that raises several concerns.
1 month ago

Where and when to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower

Earth’s rotation around the sun carries the planet through the Perseids during the period of about July 17 through August 24.
1 month ago

A look at those behind the curtain supporting Seafair

Seattle’s Summer Festival, Seafair, is underway and will reach the hydroplane finish line this weekend.
2 months ago

Dry July continues trend of below-average rainfall in WA

July was the fifth month so far this year that was drier than normal across much of western Washington, a trend likely to continue.
2 months ago

Once in a ‘blue moon’: Seattle night sky will be bright this August

Ever heard the term 'once in a blue moon?' This August will have two full moons, which will brighten up the Seattle night sky.
2 months ago

Angel Flights are flying people to the medical services they need

Angel Flight West's mission is to arrange donated flights for people in need and provide safe passage to and from medical care.
2 months ago

Seattle has ‘air-conditioned weather’ compared to rest of US

When MLB All-Stars were in Seattle a week ago, many expressed how great the weather was compared to the rest of the U.S.
2 months ago

What Washington’s dry weather may mean for this summer

Since the June 21st summer solstice, it has been bone dry across much of Western Washington. This summer's dry weather is even well ahead of last year's record dry summer.
2 months ago

Northern lights likely to illuminate Washington skies Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday nights offer a great opportunity to see the northern lights without taking a trip to Alaska or Canada.
2 months ago

Seattle All-Star Week weather is a home run

In time for the All-Star activities today and Tuesday, near-ideal Chamber of Commerce weather will be in play.
3 months ago

Washington wildfire season just warming up with high rain deficits

The fireworks may be over, but the threat of wildfires – both rural and urban – remains.
3 months ago

Seattle summer weather: Is the June gloom more myth than reality?

On the calendar, summer began June 21. Yet, many voice the myth that summer in western Washington does not begin until July 5.
3 months ago

Odds slim for another Pacific Northwest ‘heat dome’ this summer

It has been two years since the historic ‘heat dome’ parked over the Pacific Northwest during the last week of June.
3 months ago

Summer solstice to see return of sunshine across Puget Sound

As summer begins with the solstice today, the sun will emerge across the Puget Sound region, and temperatures will once again warm up.
3 months ago

Sorry Dads, cool damp weather expected for Father’s Day weekend

Sorry Dads. This weekend’s Father's Day weather forecast is going to be a cool and damp one across the Puget Sound region.
3 months ago

Will summer solstice feel like summer in Seattle this year?

The summer solstice this year is Wednesday, June 21, at 7:57 a.m., marking the longest day of the year in Seattle.
3 months ago

Could ‘Great Seattle Fire’ happen again with current warm streak?

Tuesday, June 6 marks the date of the tragic 1889 Great Seattle Fire that burned 25 blocks of downtown waterfront Seattle.
4 months ago

Pack your patience for Memorial Day weekend travel

AAA estimates over 42 million people will travel during the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend – up about 7% from last year.
4 months ago

How hot, dry will it get? A preview of the Seattle summer weather

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center recently released the latest summer weather outlook for Seattle.
4 months ago

Wildfire smoke from Canada impacting Seattle skies

It may only be the middle of May, but wildfire season is already impacting the Seattle region with smoke from Canada.
4 months ago