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Life put in perspective after John Curley’s cabin burns down

John Curley's cabin in Cle Elem burned down. He spoke about how the burning of the cabin, and the death of his friend Dori Monson
1 month ago

Curley: ‘The gender pay gap is a myth,’ women don’t negotiate

Job listings in Washington must now include salary information. The new law is intended to help close the gender pay gap.
1 month ago

Curley: Is it okay to keep your Christmas tree up until March?

For many in the post-holiday season, the lingering question remains: At what point should I take down my Christmas tree?
1 month ago

Taylor Swift fans have ‘Bad Blood’ over Ticketmaster fiasco

This is Swift's first tour since 2018, with her tour following the record-breaking success of her newest album, "Midnights."
3 months ago

Larkin: Attack ads from Schrier a ‘sad attempt’ to distract voters

One of Schrier's more recent commercials called Larkin "the definition of dangerous," stating he would "support a national ban on abortion."
4 months ago

Tiffany Smiley claims Sen. Patty Murray is “desperate” as race barrels toward November

Tiffany Smiley continues to keep pace with incumbent Patty Murray as the Senate election draws near.
4 months ago

State legislator wants to change self-defense laws after Seattle shooting suspect found not guilty

State Rep. Jim Walsh wants to create a bill that will "clear up language around self-defense" to protect people that have actual claims.
5 months ago

Does your boss truly care about your happiness?

John & Shari aren't buying a New York Times report that addresses the new school approach employers are taking to keep their employees happy.
9 months ago

John and Shari: Political pressure to forgive student loan debt is well-timed ahead of mid-term elections

President Joe Biden and Congress’ plan for student loan debt remains an outstanding question as Democrats look towards the midterm elections.
10 months ago

John & Shari: Inflation has forced some people to adjust their tipping habits

Inflation is driving up prices lately on nearly everything, and it seems to be leading some people to tip less at restaurants and for other services.
11 months ago

John Curley and Shari Elliker want story ideas from listeners

John Curley and Shari Elliker are looking for story ideas and could use your help. If it's good, you may even get a gift from John of his choosing.
11 months ago

John & Shari: Seattle teachers can keep masking if they’re concerned about safety

In a change of plans, and against the union's wishes, masks will soon be optional for all teachers, staff, and students at Seattle schools.
11 months ago

John & Shari: If Russell Wilson leaves Seattle, his home could be on the market

While everyone else is thinking about the football impacts of Russell Wilson leaving Seattle, John Curley is thinking about what will happen to his home.
11 months ago

John & Shari: As state ends COVID mandates, some people can’t let go

King County's vaccine verification policy has ended and the state and county mask mandates end soon, so it will be up to individuals to choose.
11 months ago

John Curley shares an Olympic story from 2002 with local star Apolo Ohno

Eight-time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno, who is from Washington, speaks about the Wim Hof Method, the Olympics, and John’s 2002 soul patch stunt.
12 months ago

John & Shari: Customers ‘being used for marketing’ at loud restaurant

John Curley recently went out to eat at a restaurant with friends that he says was loud, and "not designed for people over 50."
12 months ago

John & Shari: Seattle Uber riders rated second-worst among US cities

According to a new rating, the worst Uber riders are in New York City, Seattle, D.C., and Boston. But there are a few ways you can improve your score.
12 months ago

John Curley was once a ‘very pale’ extra on ‘Baywatch’

KIRO Newsradio host Shari Elliker doubted that John Curley was really on "Baywatch," so he called in a friend who could backup his story.
12 months ago

John Curley’s old roommate confirms his skating story is ‘100% true’

To fact check a skating story John told, the show calls up John's old roommate and long-time friend Mark Fortgang for the truth.
1 year ago

John & Shari: Seattle Kraken hears you — lower prices are coming soon

In a recent interview, the Seattle Kraken CEO indicated there could be lower prices coming soon for items at Climate Pledge Arena -- including beer. 
1 year ago

John & Shari: Perhaps red light cameras are more trouble than good

Part of the U.S. infrastructure deal will include spending for traffic cameras. But do these cameras actually make the roads safer?
1 year ago

Prediction for Seattle from John & Shari listener one year ago comes true

Almost a year ago, a KIRO Newsradio listener who had previously been homeless made a prediction about the future of Seattle.
1 year ago

John & Shari: Sound Transit needs a change at the fare box to survive

Sound Transit is in trouble financially. John Curley and Shari Elliker speak with KIRO Newsradio traffic reporter Chris Sullivan about why.
1 year ago

John & Shari: ‘No good news’ for hopeful home buyers in Seattle

Prospective home buyers in the greater Seattle area have paid up to half a million over asking price in some cases as inventory remains an issue.
1 year ago