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Kraken CEO: Climate Pledge Arena is the ‘most beautiful arena in the world’

Tod Leiweke, CEO of the Kraken, told KIRO Radio's Tom & Curley Show about what fans can expect for the upcoming season and at the new arena.
14 days ago

Rep for landlords says Seattle needs to focus on ‘real solutions’ to fix housing crisis

Brett Waller, director of government affairs for the Washington Multifamily Housing Association, explains the recent housing bills in Seattle.
22 days ago

Tom & Curley Show interrupted by a squirrel

In the middle of reading letters from listeners on Monday, John Curley was interrupted by his dogs bringing a squirrel inside his cabin.
1 month ago

Not much point in suing over Inslee’s vaccine order, says former state Attorney General

The vaccine order from Gov. Inslee for state workers stands on pretty firm legal ground, according to former Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna.
2 months ago

Should Seattle council shoulder the blame for city’s ‘violent crime spike’?

The Tom & Curley Show discusses a recent column from Seattle Times' Danny Westneat titled: "How the City Council left Seattle in a no man's land on crime."
3 months ago

Tom & Curley: Mistaken identity story out of Edmonds has an added twist

Tom and John discuss the case of mistaken identity from a viral video out of Edmonds that led to death threats, but there's another part of the story.
3 months ago

What will it take for you to return to King County Metro post-pandemic?

As vaccinations against COVID-19 are on the rise, how would you feel about commuting to work on a Metro bus again? Tom & Curley weigh in.
6 months ago

Poll: Seattle metro area most eager in country to get the COVID vaccine

A new poll finds that the Seattle area -- including Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties -- tops the U.S. for willingness to get a COVID vaccine.
7 months ago

Seattle green transportation plan may close off large section to most cars

Seattle's new green transportation plan could result in prohibiting cars in a large part of Seattle.
7 months ago

Thousands of WA restaurant workers ask to be included in next vaccine phase

Washington restaurant and hospitality workers are asking Gov. Inslee to include them in the next phase of vaccine eligibility with other essential workers.
7 months ago

Tom and Curley reflect on the Joe Biden inauguration, and calls for unity

Tom and Curley react to the Biden inauguration and Trump's exit, with Curley not exactly buying into the calls for unity.
9 months ago

Report: Only 15 confirmed COVID cases at outdoor Seattle encampments

There was concern COVID would spread at Seattle encampments, but few cases have been reported. Curley thinks asymptomatic cases would raise the number.
10 months ago

Tangney: World events bigger than Mayor Durkan bargained for

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced on Monday that she would not run for reelection in 2021. Rather than spend her last year campaigning, Durkan said she'd rather work on problems that Seattle faces.
11 months ago

WA residents hit with overpayment notices for unemployment

Several thousand Washington residents received overpayment notices for unemployment benefits, as result of being on federal PUA benefits.
11 months ago

Should the COVID vaccine go to the vulnerable first, or to super spreaders?

Tom & Curley discuss a study that suggests rather than giving the eventual COVID-19 vaccine to vulnerable populations, you give it to super spreaders.
11 months ago

Tom & Curley: Inslee/Culp debate a clash on the role of government

Tom and Curley react to the debate between Gov. Inslee and Loren Culp, which involved discussions about crime, coronavirus and climate in Washington.
1 year ago

Tom & Curley: With Regal closing and delays, it’s as if 2020 didn’t exist for movies

Tom and Curley react to Regal Cinemas closing, and how audiences seemed to not go despite many being open.
1 year ago

Tom & Curley: Though Trump is higher risk with COVID, he has the best care

Tom & Curley react to President Trump's COVID diagnosis, and discuss how the general public seems to be reacting to the news.
1 year ago

Canlis restaurant embarks on its next new venture: The Crab Shack

After a burger drive-through, family meal delivery service, and drive-in movies, Canlis is about to embark on its next new venture: The Canlis Crab Shack.
1 year ago

Washington bars allowed to sell cocktail kits, instead of drinks to-go

Tom and Curley discuss how Seattle’s bars can’t sell cocktails to-go during the coronavirus outbreak, so they’re selling cocktail kits instead.
2 years ago

Gun sales up before coronavirus stay-at-home order was enacted

A couple weeks ago, even before the official stay-at-home order from the Governor, Fall City Firearms was already seeing an uptick in gun sales.
2 years ago

New WA school restraint bill would help deal with disruptive students

The bill's proponents argue that the room-clearing procedure undermines the learning environment and allows one disruptive student to impact the entire classroom.
2 years ago

New bill opposes expanding roads, takes ‘holistic’ approach to traffic

House Bill 2688 would remove “congestion relief” and “improved freight mobility” as a transportation goals and take a more "holistic" approach to traffic.
2 years ago

Will the proposed King County head tax hurt the local economy?

Money raised from the tax would go toward homelessness, affordable housing, and behavioral health services, with the potential to add as much as $121 million in revenue.
2 years ago