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Todd Herman was formerly a radio host on AM 770 KTTH.

Host Todd Herman says farewell on his last show on KTTH

On his last day on KTTH airwaves, host Todd Herman shares his final personal note to end his show.
1 year ago

A visual review of Washington state sex-ed curricula Chris Reykdal would like to hide

Maia Espinoza, candidate for state Superintendent of Public Instruction sat down with Todd Herman to review examples of two sex-ed curricula approved for use in government schools in Washington state.
2 years ago

Herman: Washington state can’t breathe and Jay Inslee doesn’t care

This post has been removed. -Management
3 years ago

Herman: Go ahead, tell me this is about a virus

As you watch, the world is being flipped. Go ahead, tell me this is about a virus.
3 years ago

Herman- To my friends (and former friends) in media: a message of tough love

This weekend, I did something that made a lot of people in media uncomfortable: I audited the homepages of local media and shared my analysis on Twitter.
3 years ago

Herman: I question the motivation of Washington state media on COVID-19

The entire Washington state news media complex has refused to question the motives of Jay Inslee during his COVID Theater.
3 years ago

Herman: PLEASE mask-shame me! I beg you

King County Council hasn’t cut a single government job, even as Jay Inslee’s shutdown has destroyed their tax base; but, they have signaled some serious virtue.
3 years ago

Herman: ‘Give me foie gras or give me death!’ say Seattle COVID rebels

Ah, the Seattle “Progressive,” always happy to tell the little people to eat cake... or at least when they have to give their contact info at restaurants.
3 years ago

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3 years ago

Herman: I will not be an actor in Inslee’s covid theater

It’s a bad movie. I will not be an actor in it.
3 years ago

Herman: Port of Seattle cop reminded officers to respect the Bill of Rights — now his bosses want him fired

Port of Seattle Police Officer and Special Forces Veteran Greg Anderson made an inspirational video reminding police officers they do not have unlimited powers.
3 years ago

Why does Chris Reykdal’s head of perverse sex-ed call herself a counselor on her resumé?

Chris Reykdal's head of his perverse sex-ed initiative is presenting herself as a counselor, despite not even being licensed as such.
3 years ago

Wrong, Bill Gates: We little people do have a choice — we can ignore the fear-mongering

Bill Gates: You chose your role in the marketing of the virus panic, and we have the choice to ignore you if we choose to.
3 years ago

Herman: Bob Ferguson was forced to conceal the lie he told about me

Washington state’s part-time Attorney General, full-time fundraiser, Bob Ferguson, recently sent out a fundraising email using my name.
3 years ago

Herman: HELP! Jay Inslee may end my radio career

Jay Inslee loves having dictatorial powers. He hands out favors to abortionists and crushes dentists, ruins hair stylists and destroys electricians.
3 years ago

Herman: Inslee reverses course, now against sanctuary counties

Classism like this has no place in polite society; Inslee should immediately disown Postman’s gaffe and demand his resignation.
3 years ago

Herman: Bob Ferguson demands gym owners pay for what government has done

Welcome to the State of Ferguson, where government can stop a business from providing a service and then force the business to pay for the lack of the service they want very much to provide.
3 years ago

Herman: Jay Inslee’s deadly promotion of domestic rebellion: 100% more lethal than Trump’s ‘liberate’ tweets

Officers and first responders removed the body of Kittitas County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Thompson from a local hospital.
3 years ago

Herman: SDOT wins Bob Ferguson’s price-gouging contest

Bob Ferguson wants you to report acts of price gouging. Well, I have found the top price-gouger in Seattle: The Seattle Department of Transportation.
3 years ago

Herman: King County wants you to shut up, stay home, hand over your money

Government's message is clear: shut your mouths, stay in your house, and hand over your money so we can pay government employees to wipe down street signs.
3 years ago

Gubernatorial candidate: Inslee declared winners and losers with stay-at-home order

Gubernatorial candidate Joshua Freed talking commercial construction, the education shutdown and Inslee's other missteps.
3 years ago

Chris Reykdal: Obsessed with sex, bored with his job

Washington has no distance learning platform, but Reykdal did personally force schools to adopt the most bizarre sex education frameworks in the country.
3 years ago

Herman: ‘Shared sacrifice’ is the biggest lie Jay Inslee has ever told

In a brutal, mean-hearted lie, Jay Inslee continues to pretend “we are all in this together" speaking about the fight against COVID-19
3 years ago

SPD Chief Carmen Best: Burglaries are welcome in Seattle, name calling is not

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best is no longer a serious person.
3 years ago