Travis Mayfield

Image: KIRO Newsradio host and commentary writer Travis Mayfield


Travis Mayfield has been a journalist for over 25 years. Before joining KIRO Newsradio, he was a TV news anchor for Q13 News This Morning for nearly a decade. Travis and his husband live with their kids in Seattle's Montlake neighborhood. He is an active volunteer with Seattle Schools. Travis often emcees events for organizations close to his heart like Business Impact Northwest and The GSBA. Travis graduated from South Kitsap High School and Gonzaga University. He has worked as a journalist in New York City, Montana, Yakima, Spokane and Seattle. You can follow Travis on Instagram and Threads @TravisMayfield or on Facebook @TravisMayfieldTV.

Mayfield: One simple trick to ensure your vote actually counts

We should all care deeply whether our vote counts or not. And there is one surefire way to actually do that … check yourself!
3 days ago

Mayfield: I will never forget Devin, Tom, Karen, Jessica in wake of Thirtymile Fire anniversary

This week marks 23 years since the The Thirtymile Fire, a massive wildfire burning north of Winthrop Washington killed four firefighters.
10 days ago

Mayfield: One public library is now banning kids from entering

A public library in Idaho has officially banned kids from entering. It says it is make the change due to a new state law.
16 days ago

Mayfield: Please get out of the CARE Team’s way and let it work

This week the Mayor announced a pilot program called the Community Assisted Response and Engagement (CARE) team could be expanding.
24 days ago

Mayfield: Democracy needs your help

There are many reasons to be concerned about democracy. But one that we don’t talk much about is our own willingness to actually participate.
1 month ago

Mayfield: We’re all a little sus but we can also do better

This week our son called me sus. It's short for suspect and it's Gen Alpha slang for shady. But I'm going to admit something.
2 months ago

Mayfield: Washington lawmakers must fix broken school funding system

Which leads us to Olympia where truly the blame for all this should rest. What lawmakers really did was make things worse.
2 months ago

Mayfield: Love always has a place to go, even in grief

It has been eight years and several days since our son Tommy died. He was just 2 1/2 years old when he passed away.
3 months ago

Mayfield: Despite what you’ve heard, the new Seattle city council isn’t failing…yet

The left-wing activists and chattering classes have already decided the new Seattle City Council is a failure.
4 months ago

Mayfield: Cantwell must not obstruct full Senate from debating TikTok’s future

About 350 Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that could lead to a ban on TikTok in the U.S.
4 months ago

Mayfield: Including LGBTQ+ people in curriculum benefits all students

Washington lawmakers have moved to include LGBTQ+ histories, perspectives and contributions to teaching requirements in our state.
4 months ago

Mayfield: Do you like democracy or not? The choice couldn’t be more stark.

Our democracy in America is facing a 5-alarm inferno and we don't seem to know what to do about it.
5 months ago

Mayfield: Why centering more women’s voices matter this month and every month 

It’s March and Women’s History Month, but women's voices make history every single day.
5 months ago

Mayfield: New president deserves space to help SPU find way forward

Deana Porterfield will officially become the first woman to lead Seattle Pacific University as President in the school’s 130-year history.
5 months ago

Mayfield: What has Seattle elementary students embracing such weighty fiction?

Each year since 1995 the library in our city has been organizing something called the Global Reading Challenge. 
5 months ago

Mayfield: Strippers, strip club owners deserve equity under state law

In Washington, strippers are generally only able to work as independent contractors.
5 months ago

Mayfield: Trump wants a dictatorship; he said so himself

It was a simple question. It was posed twice. The questioner was a friend and ally. It all happened in front of a fawning crowd of true believers.
8 months ago

Mayfield: Eastern Wash. city council tries yet another book ban

According to a report, the Liberty Lake City Council thinks it should tell the library what books to shelve and which to trash.
8 months ago

Mayfield: A disappointing sports weekend, even for a non-sports fan

I know nothing about sports. I mean I know absolutely nothing about sports, but that's not stopping me from having opinions about sports this morning.
8 months ago

Mayfield: The Washington state ferry system needs to be saved

Washington State Ferries -- the largest public ferry system in the entire world -- is sinking fast, and our neighbors are drowning.
8 months ago

Mayfield: Public schools are good but you wouldn’t hear it from them

We are in the market for a middle school. We are an eager family with a bright-eyed 10-year-old hopeful about the future.
8 months ago