Ursula Reutin

Ursula Reutin

Ursula is a co-host of the Gee & Ursula Show weekdays 9 a.m. - noon on KIRO Newsradio. She loves to laugh and she does it with gusto. She brightens the day for everyone around her with her kindness, thoughtfulness and fun-loving nature.

Ursula: Does grammar still matter? Not according to UW

Jake Harper found that the University of Washington's Informatics department doesn't grade on grammar in students' applications.
1 day ago

Ursula: Does everyone deserve a second chance? It’s complicated

Seattle chef Edouardo Jordan, once a national media darling after winning two prestigious James Beard awards, appeared on the Gee and Ursula show Tuesday.
10 days ago

Ursula: More work needs to be done to transform Seattle Police Department

"Culturally, something is not right within SPD and its leadership," KIRO Newsradio's Ursula Reutin says.
22 days ago

Ursula: Stop giving criminals a free pass

As we are dealing with record high violent crime in much of our region, the decision to release a suspected felon, without bail, is especially infuriating.
30 days ago

Northeast Seattle Little Leaguers win Ursula’s heart

Ursula Reutin was invested in the Northeast Seattle team's quest to win the Little League World Series and felt pride for kids she had never met.
1 month ago

Ursula: Would you know what to do if someone starts choking on food?

Would you know what to do if someone you're dining with starts choking on food?  If it isn't a family member, would you step in and help?
2 months ago

Ursula: A personal story on how drug addiction affects us all

The reality is, each and every one of us is affected by drug addiction. If not personally, then through a family member, friend, or colleague.
4 months ago

Ursula: $134M high-rise won’t solve Seattle homeless crisis

The Rise is being touted as Seattle’s first “affordable housing” high-rise in more than 50 years. It officially opened this week.
4 months ago

Ursula: Seattle isn’t dying, it’s the fastest-growing big city in US

It turns out Seattle ISN'T dying! Brand new Census data shows that Seattle is once again the fastest-growing big city in the United States.
4 months ago

Ursula: Turning soul-crushing grief over fentanyl into fuel for change

Gen Pehlivanian’s son, Trygve, died of a fentanyl overdose on December 29, 2019. He was only 20 years old.
5 months ago

Ursula: We lost a super hero

If you measure one’s greatness by their acts of kindness, then Dan Kirk of Bellevue was a super hero.
2 years ago

Woodinville couple seek public’s help to find their missing daughter

"We just want her to come home safely," is the desperate plea from a Woodinville couple who need help finding their missing 14-year-old daughter.
3 years ago

There are still good people in this world

Rob left his wallet, full of $1800, on the roof of his car. Luckily, Dan Kirk found it along a road in Centralia, Washington.
3 years ago

Are you addicted to your phone? You’re not alone

Are you addicted to your cell phone? Are you spending even more time on it during the pandemic?
3 years ago

Debating transgender athletes in sports

Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in sports, consistent with their gender identity or should it be based on their biology at birth?
3 years ago

Ursula: Making college students pay full tuition during pandemic is deeply unethical

As the parent of a college student, it's borderline criminal that we have to pay full tuition when my son is not getting the full college experience.
3 years ago

Ursula: Seattle Mayor Durkan needs to empower Police Chief Best

Normally, the police chief is responsible for what's gone wrong and should be held accountable. But I don't think Chief Best is primarily to blame. The buck stops at Mayor Durkan.
3 years ago

Ursula: Maybe 2020 is our chance to reset and make meaningful changes

Instead of using energy trying to confirm your old beliefs or be angry about Aunt Jemima, use your time to listen, learn, and be part of the solution.
3 years ago

Ursula: CHAZ is mostly peaceful, but still needs to end

Seattle's Mayor says the CHAZ has a street fair atmosphere, but critics say it's "domestic terrorism." Gee & Ursula visited the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone to see for themselves.
3 years ago

Ursula’s message for the Class of 2020: Be open to all new experiences

Graduates: 2020 may feel like the worst year ever, but it could be the massive reset we need. And YOU have the chance to lead the way.
3 years ago

Denial is the heartbeat of racism

A self-described "middle-aged redneck Republican" sent an email to the Gee and Ursula Show, and Gee says it's the best email he's ever received.
3 years ago

Gee and Ursula Show Class of 2020 Commencement Show!

The Gee and Ursula Show is holding a special Commencement Day on June 5 to honor the Class of 2020 and their parents, and they need your help.
3 years ago

Ursula’s dad shares what life is like in assisted living

Georg Reutin is living through the global pandemic in a room at the Columbia Lutheran Home in Seattle.
3 years ago

Issaquah man shares near-death experience with COVID-19

Michael Pederson from Issaquah is recovering from COVID-19, but warns others that the virus can damage your heart and kidneys as well as your lungs.
3 years ago