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  • Introducing the WSECU & KIRO Radio Hometown Hero: Randy Pennington

    NOMINATE your Hometown Hero WSECU SPONSORED — Randy Pennington has a clear commitment to serving others, as evidenced by his 12 years serving in the army, work as a paramedic, 911 dispatcher, volunteer firefighter, fire commissioner and most recently serving as a reserve police officer for the city of Toledo for the last 33 years. […]
  • App provides support for heart attack survivors

    American Heart Association SPONSORED — Approximately every 40 seconds, someone in America has a heart attack. While people who survive may feel lucky, recovering from a heart attack is taxing, both physically and emotionally. A heart attack occurs when the blood flow that brings oxygen to the heart muscle is severely reduced or cut off […]
  • 5 things to do now to prep your home for summer

    State Roofing SPONSORED — While spring may have just begun, many homeowners already have their eyes on summer. From barbecues to lazy days in the shade to harvesting fruits and vegetables from the backyard garden, summer is the best. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to enjoy going outside when your yard isn’t comfortable or you’re spending too […]
  • Live music is the alternative to a boring company picnic

    Live Nation Season Tickets SPONSORED — There’s a popular idea that having experiences is better than accumulating stuff, and that idea is more than just a trend – it’s rooted in science. People are more satisfied when they spend their money on experiences instead of objects, according to a study in the Journal of Consumer […]
  • Introducing the WSECU & KIRO Radio Hometown Hero: Verneda Obrien

    NOMINATE your Hometown Hero WSECU SPONSORED — Verneda Obrien, Patient Services Coordinator at the Swedish SCI Thoracic Institute located on Seattle’s First Hill has the reputation of having an amazing work ethic and a caring heart. However, her colleagues were recently surprised to learn just how far beyond her generosity and kindness went, in addition […]
  • 6 tips on how to get the most money for your used car

    Infiniti of Tacoma SPONSORED — If you’re considering selling your car, then getting every dollar out of it is a priority. Whether you’re looking at replacing it with a new car or buying another used one, you want to get as much as possible from your old car. Whatever your plans for your earnings, follow […]
  • The invited or uninvited guest

    Bedrooms and More SPONSORED — Being a standout host is something of a lost art but, with a little extra thought and preparation, you can offer your guests five-star treatment that will earn you rave reviews. Here are the top three ways to be the perfect host by making guests feel welcome and truly comfortable […]
  • What to do if you are the victim of a dog bite

    Davis Law Group Order your FREE Book SPONSORED — Grumpy Cat is well-known as a meme, but there’s a reason there’s no Grumpy Dog: Dogs are famous for being happy, loyal and loving to their humans and pretty much everyone else. But even the most docile dogs can sometimes bite — 800,000 people need medical […]
  • Consistency is the key to success in trading

    Visit Online Trading Academy Sign Up For a Free Class Now! SPONSORED — You’ve heard the old saying “Failure to plan is a plan for failure.” Nowhere is this truer than when you’re trading in the market. In fact, the lack of a proven trade plan — or inconsistency in following that plan — could […]
  • Introducing the WSECU & KIRO Radio Hometown Hero: Cathi Rodgveller

    NOMINATE your Hometown Hero WSECU SPONSORED — Inspiring and teaching the next generation of women in the areas of technology evolution is something Cathi Rodgveller takes great pride in. Cathi founded a program called “IGNITE,” a program that allows women in science, technology, engineering and math careers, also known as STEM disciplines, to inspire young […]