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  • 5 tips to keep your teen safe on the road

    Find a local Point S SPONSORED — It’s the day every parent dreads: when you hand your car keys over to a freshly licensed 16-year-old driver. If you share this fear, your worries aren’t unfounded. According to a 2016 New York Times article, driving is one concern about which parents don’t worry enough. As researcher […]
  • What you should know about genetic testing

    By Gordon Cohen MD PhD FACS, Chief Medical Officer at PRO Medical at PRO Club SPONSORED — From linking family members to solving murders, at-home genetic testing is making waves in society today. With its convenient process and low price point, it is no wonder so many Americans are getting to know their genome. My […]
  • Introducing the WSECU & KIRO Radio Hometown Hero: Radonna Nelson

    NOMINATE your Hometown Hero WSECU SPONSORED — When members of a Kirkland community need help putting food on the table, Radonna Nelson and her “Free Little Pantry” are there to help. The pantry and Radonna are there if a need arises before payday, if someone needs extra help with baby formula that week, or just […]
  • How the Gift of Hydrotherapy Changed this Local Veteran’s Life Forever

    Nominate your hero today SPONSORED — There’s just something in the water — and that’s why doctors and healers have been using one of earth’s most essential molecules as a treatment since, well forever. According to a study published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences, “the use of water for various treatments (hydrotherapy) […]
  • Minor or major, what parents should know about children and accidents

    Davis Law Group Order your FREE Book SPONSORED — From morning routines to making sure dinner is ready each evening, parents of young children have enough on their plates. But that to-do list comes to a screeching to a halt when a child is injured in an accident — especially if the incident is a […]
  • 5 must-do Seattle fall family-fun activities

    Whale Watching with Puget Sound Express SPONSORED — You’re trading in your iced Starbucks for something hot and frothy and pulling out the scarves and rain boots. Yes, there’s no question autumn has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. And while Seattle offers some spectacular summer days, there’s just something about fall’s crisp air, golden foliage […]
  • 3 ways you can become your own distiller

    Heritage Distilling SPONSORED — Cocktails aren’t the only craft when it comes to liquor. There’s an art to the distilling process, too, one that is more accessible than ever before. One of the best ways to enhance your enjoyment of spirits is not just understanding how they’re made, but getting involved yourself. And to that […]
  • 6 reasons to choose local businesses over box stores

    Issaquah Cedar & Lumber SPONSORED — These days, it seems like big box stores and giant corporations run the world. Believe it or not, those chains likely won’t serve you – or your community – as well as your friendly neighborhood business owner. There are myriad benefits that come along with shopping locally, so maybe […]
  • 2018 CenturyLink High School Athlete of the Week

  • 6 reasons wages aren’t growing as fast as the economy

    Visit Online Trading Academy Sign Up For a Free Class Now! SPONSORED — If you feel like your paycheck has reached a stalemate, you’re not alone. Although wage growth in President Donald Trump’s first year in office has been 2.7-2.9 percent depending on the source, for many American workers, this chart still feels like […]