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Explore the brighter side of the news with KIRO Radio's Colleen O'Brien

Colleen O'Brien

  • Officer goes above and beyond for elderly man with bum ID

    A Montebello, California police officer was called to a bank a couple week back on a disturbance call. When he found out what was happening, he went above and beyond.
  • When you hesitate to donate, look to kids as an example

    Kindness and generosity come naturally to kids. When some of us wrestle with whether to text in a $10 donation, kids rarely hesitate to help when they see someone in need.
  • Mike Rowe surprises Black Diamond treasure Mama Ginger

    Mama Ginger Passarelli is pretty well known around here. She founded a non-profit called The Soup Ladies more than a decade ago out of the kitchen of her restaurant in Black Diamond.
  • Magic yarn offers an escape for kids in the hospital

    It began as one wig -- a gift for a friend's daughter who was battling cancer. It's now a movement bringing magic to kids who need it the most.
  • 67,760 heroes and counting

    Strangely enough, I sometimes struggle to find stories of Kindness. Sometimes I have to reach into the corners of the Internet to pull goodness out of the darkness. Sometimes a story is nice, but is it kindness?
  • lost generation

    America has a lost generation of men who can’t deal with emotions

    America has raised a lost generation of men who can't handle intense emotions. They turn to violence, guns and hatred instead of looking at themselves.
  • When a wave is just what the doctor ordered

    The new Hawkeyes tradition is so much more than a wave. It's 70,585 people throwing their support behind the patients at Stead Family Children's Hospital.
  • NFL player donates first game check to lucky stadium employees

    Houston Texans rookie Deshaun Watson did something unexpected with his first game check -- he gave it away.
  • An unlikely friendship with muscle behind it

    He was a little nervous. Sammy Callari, a former high school athlete and former MMA fighter with three wins under his belt, was anxious about training someone with a disability.
  • 10 and 90

    Layers of kindness bring mobility to people around the world

    Nathan Ogden was invited to a Boise State game by a friend who had "the nice seats." Unfortunately, his wheelchair was gone by halftime.