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doctor's office, health care, gun control, health care
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  • doctor's office, health care, gun control, health care

    Ross: What happens if we get No-bamacare?

    With the Affordable Care Act -- aka Obamacare -- at risk of going away, what will happen to health care in America? In short, you might want to have a major illness sooner than later.
  • I-1631 carbon fee, climate change

    Ross: Back from the future, with a warning

    There was a big UN meeting last weekend to discuss climate change. Everyone could agree on the problem, but not how to solve it. Some things never change.
  • orca, killer whale

    Expert skeptical of Washington state’s orca-saving proposal

    The conversation around saving Puget Sound's southern resident orca have missed a few major points, according to one expert that is skeptical of plans to save the ailing killer whales.
  • IRS

    How to solve the tax gap, erase the deficit, and build a wall

    During November, the federal government spent twice as much as it took in. Biggest monthly deficit on record. Which is why some are calling for more IRS auditors to get rich people to pay their fair share.
  • Michael cohen

    Ross: When to disobey your powerful boss

    Michael Cohen is going to prison because the law expects you to disobey when your boss tells you to do something corrupt. Everyone who works for a powerful boss needs to breathe this in.
  • Denny Heck, trump

    Rep. Heck on how Congress may pursue evidence against President Trump

    Washington Congressmember Denny Heck has said he believes President Trump has committed a crime. Now he details how that point may evolve in a new Democratic-controlled Congress.
  • trump, schumer

    Ross: Maybe Trump’s transparency should be more like a TV game show

    President Trump called his recent stunt in front of the press in the Oval Office "transparency." But Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer didn't agree. Maybe this "transparency" should be more like The Voice.
  • Denise Juneau, seattle Superintendent

    New Seattle Superintendent wants to close gap in racial equity

    Seattle Superintendent Denise Juneau has a good deal of issues on her desk regarding the district's schools. One major problem she's looking tackle: A growing chasm in racial equity.
  • investors, tweet

    Ross: Was President Trump’s tweet really just a typo?

    Another tweet from President Trump has readers confused. Some say it was a typo. But was it really? Looking at the keyboard, maybe he was trying to type something else entirely.
  • climate change

    Ross: Calling on the Billionaire Super Friends to solve climate change

    We've been warned again and again. We've tried taxes and policies, but nothing seems to work. Could the Billionaire Super Friends please get together to solve out climate change problem?
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