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  • Kavanaugh

    Ross: What to learn from the Brett Kavanaugh experience

    Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court is a learning moment for America. Suppose we start looking into Trump's lower court appointments now, just in case he needs to pick another justice.
  • netflix

    Ross: Hey Netflix, save some of the internet for the rest of us

    We now know what slows down the internet each evening in America. Netflix needs to get its own internet wire. And while we're at it, stay off my lawn.
  • washington, tax gap

    Ross: One solution for the $400 billion American tax gap

    It's called the tax gap -- the difference between what the country takes in taxes and the amount of money people hide away from the IRS to avoid paying taxes. It adds up to quite a bit of money.
  • Trump

    Ross: How to succeed in America — have a rich dad

    An exposé reveals that Donald Trump is not the self-made rich man that he likes to promote. It offers a new narrative on how to get rich in America -- have a rich dad.
  • Kavanaugh, beer

    Ross: Beer grabs the spotlight as Kavanaugh case continues

    Brett Kavanaugh's relationship to beer has come under question as many of his former classmates come forward with stories. But President Trump is having none of it.
  • Kavanaugh

    Ross: The Kavanaugh controversy actually is about politics

    While some argue that politics should stay out of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court decision, it's hard to deny that politics is a big part of it.
  • internet, kavanaugh

    Ross: God had a chance to weigh in on the Kavanaugh hearing

    We not only got two people to testify under oath at the recent Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, we got a chance for God to enter the room and weigh in.
  • Kavanaugh

    Rob McKenna on the political battlefield around the Kavanaugh decision

    Beyond the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna says there is a larger political battle at play in Washington D.C.
  • denial

    Ross: The Age of Denial is coming to an end

    Politicians and other figures were once able to deny allegations with fuzzy memories and incomplete details. But in an age of social media and new technology, that age of denial won't last much longer.
  • internet, kavanaugh

    Ross: When high school yearbooks attack the internet

    A lot of folks say they are glad they weren't teenagers during the age of the internet. Well, if the story is big enough, the internet will find your embarrassing info from before it even existed.
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