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  • Maybe our president is just doing his best Jane Fonda impersonation

    After the summit meeting between the U.S. and Russia on July 16, people assumed President Trump sold out his country. But did he?
  • Lesson on how to un-say something came too late for Papa John

    When President Trump called the European Union a “foe” over the weekend the outrage was immediate.
  • Congress must force everyone in the FBI to hack their own phones

    I’ll wager every single one of us has a bias about whether Donald Trump should be president.
  • gun control

    Will Seattle’s new gun storage regulation hold up in court?

    Seattle's latest gun regulations will test the boundaries of how far a city can go before the state steps in. City gun control laws are preempted by state law in Washington.
  • We will not sell out our country over chicken sandwiches

    We are now in a trade war. Fortunately, unless you’re a farmer, there hasn’t been much pain.
  • Kent

    What’s next? Airlines scanning our large intestines?

    Here it is, the latest airline indignity (pardon me) amenity: the 22-inch sky toilet.
  • Judge Brett Kavanaugh

    The new Supreme Court nominee uttered the magic words

    The Democrats see Brett Kavanaugh, the new Supreme Court nominee, as the president’s antidote if the Mueller investigation ever ends up before court.
  • kavanaugh

    President Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh as SCOTUS pick

    President Donald Trump has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his pick to replace Supreme Court Justice Kennedy. Experts weigh in on what this means moving forward.
  • Region’s connection to South Carolina may make trade war worse

    The trade war with China may have more of an impact on the Puget Sound region thanks to our connection with South Carolina.
  • trump

    The only way President Trump can compete with Elton John

    If the president really wants to compare his crowds to those of Elton John's, he needs to charge admission.
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