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The Brady Bunch
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  • The Brady Bunch

    Ross: ‘The Brady Bunch’ isn’t an excuse to not get vaccinated

    An old episode of 'The Brady Bunch' is making the rounds among anti-vaxxers, but looking back to that era for guidance is problematic for a whole host of reasons.
  • Artificial intelligence

    Ross: Artificial intelligence could make us all obsolete

    One prediction claims that in 15 years, AI could eliminate 40 percent of all jobs. And not just manufacturing, but accountants, marketers, and even lawyers. So where does that leave the rest of humanity?
  • esports uw

    UW creates new eSports center, and not just to distract students

    It sometimes leaves parents uneasy to see their college level kids up until 2 a.m. playing fortnight. But there are some real skills involved in this and the University of Washington is on the cutting edge of eSports.
  • 2020 Democratic candidates

    Ross: Treating the 2020 Democratic field like March Madness

    There are now 20 Democrats officially running for president, so let the debates begin! The only question: Will they ever end? You’ve got to winnow he field, and there’s only one way: Brackets.
  • parking, chalk

    Court rules that parking officers can no longer chalk tires

    A federal court has ruled that parking officers cannot chalk car tires anymore. Former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna explains why.
  • Trump

    Ross: Stopping Russia could only help Trump in 2020

    Launching a full, thorough investigation into Russia's plans to interfere with the 2020 presidential election could very well be in President Trump's best interest. Here's why.
  • Census 2020

    Ross: Citizen question does more harm than good for census

    The Supreme Court took up the census case on Tuesday, and experts are already predicting the court will allow the 2020 census to include the “are you a citizen?” question. But would it do more harm than good?
  • Atticus Effect, judge, seattle, justice

    One Seattle judge, drug crimes, and a limited system

    Seattle Judge Ed McKenna explains one case he faced recently, but it's a case he sees often, with many different defendants. The justice system is limited, he argues.
  • black, DNA, race

    Who determines which race you are?

    Ralph Taylor talks with Dave Ross about the case he is attempting to submit to the Supreme Court that surrounds how to determine the race of a person.
  • Health care Mueller report

    Ross: In wake of Mueller report, let’s move on to solving health care

    With the Mueller report in the rearview, suppose we move on as a country and do what Trump has promised many times: Reform the system that bankrupts too many Americans in need of prescription drugs.
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