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fentanyl parties...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Public Health promotes ‘fentanyl parties,’ Undersheriff claims they’re happening

The Undersheriff says he's hearing about "fentanyl parties" where addicts purposefully overdose, with friends ready to administer Narcan.
7 hours ago
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Felons may earn six-figure salary from WA Dept of Corrections

It will oversee programs to reduce recidivism and help felons re-enter society after serving sentences, earning up to $133,044 a year.
1 day ago
Jason Rantz

Rantz: WA Dept of Health defends mocking a death, then censors critic

WADOH mocked the death of a Washingtonian in a tone-deaf tweet. After criticism, the department triple-downed on the message.
2 days ago
elementary school club...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Elementary school bans white students from ‘safe space’ club

A local elementary school has a student club that excludes students based on their race, according to a parent.
3 days ago
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Shocking ignorance as Seattle Public Health blames drug ODs on racism, drug laws

Seattle Public Health is breathtakingly out of touch with the local drug crisis. It's no wonder more addicts keep dying on our streets.
7 days ago
Bryan Suits

Suits: ‘I would be P-O’d’ if sex offender house was in my neighborhood

Bryan Suits made sure to voice his displeasure with Washington over the implementation of housing for sex offenders.
7 days ago
Max Gross

Gross: Can anti-intrusion fog system stop Seattle crime in its tracks?

DensityUSA makes ‘anti-intrusion fogging systems’ that are meant to make it impossible for criminals to see once a break-in occurs.
8 days ago
women prison inmates...
Jason Rantz Show

WA Rep: Bill to protect women inmates, transgenders ‘going nowhere’

WA Rep. Jacobsen co-authored a bill that proposes if someone's been convicted of sex crimes, they cannot be housed near women inmates.
8 days ago
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Identity-obsessed Progressives can’t fathom crime without racism

We were shocked, disgusted, and maybe angry, but we saw them for what they were without defaulting the blame on racism.
9 days ago
politically active...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Democrats sue to kill WA’s one election security feature, which makes fraud easier

Left-wing organizations are suing election officials over the signature verification process. This would make election theft effortless.
10 days ago
Michael Medved

Medved: As religious affiliation declines, why do believers still control Congress?

In 2007, only 16% of the public failed to identify with a specific religious faith, but that number has now nearly doubled to 29%.
13 days ago
tiny home...
Bryan Suits

Suits: Tiny home near Seattle on-ramp subject of city-wide discourse

The land where the tiny home is located is owned by the Seattle Department of Transportation and Washington Department of Transportation.
13 days ago
Bryan Suits

Suits: US sending ‘the gold standard’ of tanks to Ukraine

The U.S. has committed approximately $27 billion for the Ukraine war effort since Russia invaded in February last year.
14 days ago
Jason Rantz

Rantz: WA DOH censored critics of ‘transmasculine people with a cervix’ ad

Desperately craving inclusion, the DOH is using Washingtonians to earn social currency, hoping to add to the department's progressive bona fides.
15 days ago
Sounders Providence...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Sounders fans livid new sponsor won’t perform abortion, needless child gender surgery

A small but irascible group of Sounders FC fans are livid as the team's new sponsor doesn't provide abortion services.
16 days ago
Michael Simeona

KTTH Roundtable: Democrat rewarded for lying about military service

Jason Rantz and Bryan Suits discuss how Democrat WA Rep. Clyde Shavers was rewarded a seat on a veterans committee in the House.
18 days ago
MyNorthwest Staff

KIRO, KTTH hosts react to Kshama Sawant not running for re-election

KIRO Newsradio and AM 770 KTTH hosts react to the news of Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant not running for re-election.
20 days ago
Bryan Suits

Suits: Expensive lawyers will help Alec Baldwin in ‘Rust’ shooting case

Prosecutors announced that they plan to charge actor Alec Baldwin and an armorer for the 2021 shooting and death of Halyna Hutchins.
20 days ago
pursuit ban...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: WA Democrats pretend vehicular pursuit ban isn’t connected to crime surge

Democratic Washington state Senator Manka Dhingra said she hasn't seen any data correlating crime to the vehicular pursuit ban.
21 days ago
drug crisis...
Bryan Suits

Suits: Homeless deaths at record highs due to drug crisis

Fentanyl-related deaths are at record highs among the homeless population, according to the King County Medical Examiner's 2022 report.
22 days ago
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Democrats put lawmaker who lied about military service on Veterans Committee

Clyde Shavers lied about his military service. Washington Democrats rewarded him with a seat on a veterans committee in the House.
23 days ago
Jason Rantz Show

Rantz: ‘Media hypocrisy’ at play with Biden documents

The discovery of classified documents at President Joe Biden's office is no less 'a scandal' than former president Donald Trump's issue.
27 days ago
democrat speaker...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Democrat Speaker pushes for harmful land acknowledgments at state house

Land acknowledgments are ways white progressives pander to Native Americans without improving their communities.
29 days ago
Max Gross

Gross: Needless bill proposes protection for those already protected

A new bill proposed in the Washington House of Representatives, H.B. 1096, would add amateur referees to a protected class.
29 days ago