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  • Trump campaign kicks off Catholic voter outreach project

    NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is ramping up its courtship of Catholic voters ahead of a likely November matchup against a devout Catholic Democrat, former Vice President Joe Biden. The campaign previewed its message at a Thursday night launch of a “Catholics for Trump” coalition, touting the president’s religious freedom record […]
  • Government lawyer named as new Grand Canyon park leader

    GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. (AP) — A veteran lawyer for the federal government has been selected to oversee Grand Canyon National Park — a rare appointment of someone who did not move up through the ranks of the National Park Service. Edward Keable currently serves as the assistant solicitor of general law for the […]
  • Democrats elevate health care as virus-era campaign argument

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats are zeroing in on health care as one of the few issues that might resonate among Americans who have largely shelved election-year politics as they focus on protecting their families from the spreading coronavirus. Joe Biden, the prospective Democratic nominee, is criticizing President Donald Trump for refusing to reopen “Obamacare” enrollment […]
  • With parks closed, Disney starts furloughs in 2 weeks

    ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Saying they don’t know when they’ll be able to re-open many of their businesses with the coronavirus spreading, Walt Disney Co. officials announced they will start furloughing some workers in two weeks at its theme parks resorts in Florida and California. The statement released late Thursday from The Walt Disney Co. […]
  • Feeding the front lines, one duck confit at a time

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — On a break from the front lines, nurse practitioner Gabe Westhemier tucked into a plate of duck confit, the work of one of the city’s celebrity chefs. (“It was wonderful.”) Meanwhile, at another San Francisco emergency room, nurse Liz Sanderson still savors a sea salt caramel bread pudding from another posh […]
  • As Africa locks down, some deliveries of aid are threatened

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — More than half of Africa’s 54 countries have closed their land, air and sea borders to fight the spread of the coronavirus, authorities said Friday, but fears are growing that the restrictions are delaying deliveries of critical aid. African nations have closed airports and locked down some of the continent’s largest cities […]
  • What you need to know today about the virus outbreak

    The Trump administration urged Americans to wear face coverings in public and limited exports of medical supplies Friday as New York’s governor took his own dramatic step to fight the coronavirus by vowing to seize unused ventilators from private hospitals and companies. The new federal guidelines call for Americans, especially in hard-hit areas, to wear […]
  • Wisconsin limps toward Tuesday election despite virus fears

    MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin’s attempt to conduct an election in the midst of a coronavirus crisis lurched forward Friday, with a Democratic governor pushing for an all-mail election to replace in-person voting and Republican leaders refusing to budge. Just three days before Tuesday’s spring primary — which features the Democratic presidential contest plus a […]
  • Cuomo orders shift in ventilators to overwhelmed hospitals

    NEW YORK (AP) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he would order the redistribution of critically needed ventilators. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called for a national enlistment program for doctors and nurses. And the coronavirus outbreak picked up speed with more deaths and more hospitalizations. The latest developments in New York: […]
  • Scramble for virus supplies strains global solidarity

    ROME (AP) — San Marino needed medical masks. Badly. The tiny republic, wedged next to two of Italy’s hardest-hit provinces in the COVID-19 outbreak, had already registered 11 deaths by March 17 — a sizeable number in a country of just 33,000, and a harbinger of worse to come. So authorities sent off a bank […]