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  • Tom Tangney’s Oscar predictions & who he thinks should win

    Recently, the Academy Awards have become more like coronations than competitions. So many award shows have already taken place by the time the Oscars come around, that the winners are mostly foregone conclusions. But not this year! There are legitimate toss-ups in three of the biggest categories - Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Director.
  • 5 cool Gates Foundation projects you probably haven’t heard of

    Bill Gates has once again topped the Forbes list of the 10 richest people in the world. And what does he do with all that cash? The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has gained fame for giving back, in Washington and globally.
  • 5 losses just as painful as the Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX loss

    On Thursday, "Brock & Salk" listened back to these five play-by-plays from some of the most painful losses in sports history. Maybe they can help the 12th Man move on after a Super Bowl loss.
  • Marshawn Lynch’s 10 best interviews, ranked

    Beast Mode Marshawn Lynch is a man of few words. In fact, he says so little that he's had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in fines because he wouldn't talk the media.
  • 8 Blue Friday rallies in Seattle & around Western Washington

    As the Seahawks get set to play the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship title, show your pride Blue Friday by celebrating the postseason with your fellow 12s.
  • 5 things Kam Chancellor could (or should) do if he wasn’t a Seahawk

    If Kam wasn't playing football for the Seahawks, we think he could be using his amazing skills doing a few other things ...
  • 5 ‘Twin Peaks’ locations David Lynch is likely to revisit

    We learned this fall that "Twin Peaks" was returning to television. We found out this week that the show, which was filmed in and around North Bend, would be returning to Washington, too.
  • 7 Seahawks uniforms ranked from classic to what were they thinking!?

    The Seahawks look good no matter what, but we ranked their uniforms from the finest, classic looks to the what-were-they-thinking moments.
  • 5 best spots to see New Year’s fireworks off Seattle’s Space Needle

    Some New Year's traditions are too good to pass up, like watching fireworks shot off from atop the Space Needle as Seattle rings in 2015. But the best spots to watch the show fill up early. Here's our list of where you should set up your blanket and settle in for the first best show of the year.
  • See it or skip it: 6 movies opening on Christmas Day

    A rush of big movies open Christmas Day. All of them are worth seeing, but some more than others. Here's a quick rundown, alphabetically.