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Rachel Belle

  • zero waste

    How to realistically join the Zero Waste movement, without going full granola

    A Seattle woman shares how she drastically reduced her household's waste, when the rest of her family isn't particularly interested in the Zero Waste movement.
  • Paseo sandwich Mariners food

    Belle: Inside the new Mariners menu at T-Mobile Park

    This is the ninth year that Seattle chef Ethan Stowell has been elevating the menu at T-Mobile Park, and this year's lineup goes back to basics: Lots of burgers and sandwiches from beloved Seattle restaurants.
  • 23andme

    DNA test brought new, loving family to a Seattle woman who never knew her father

    Talisha Herald grew up with a single mom and no idea who her father could be. But the 23andMe DNA test connected her to relatives on her father's side that have welcomed her in with open arms.
  • Greece 23 and me

    What do you do when a home DNA test challenges your cultural identity?

    Alice Argosino was raised Greek and she's spent her life immersing herself and her children in the culture that she loves. But then she took a 23andMe test.
  • DNA, 23andMe

    How would you react to life changing DNA test results?

    61 year old James Johnston was interested in his family genealogy, but a 23andMe DNA test revealed that the father he grew up with, was not actually his father.
  • Millennials

    Study: Two-thirds of millennials regret buying a home

    A new study says the majority of 23-38 year olds regret buying their home, and the biggest regret is the unexpected costs that come with it.
  • Veteran chef

    The Vet Chef is a food truck by veterans, for veterans

    After being blown up by an IED in Iraq, Kyle Gourlie came back to the states for rehabilitation. Through that process he found cooking, and now he owns The Vet Chef, serving up San Diego style Mexican food in Bothell and beyond.
  • james beard awards

    Numerous Seattle chefs and restaurants nominated for James Beard awards

    The James Beard Foundation just announced semifinalists for this year's awards, and numerous Seattle chefs and restaurants were nominated.
  • Wizard of Oz

    98-year-old Mercer Island woman one of last remaining ‘Wizard of Oz’ cast members

    Mercer Island's Meredythe Glass was 18 years old when she was an extra in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. She struck up a friendship with 18 year old Judy Garland and tells tales from the set.
  • Lynn Rosskamp rats

    Designer rats from Seattle rat breeders make delightful pets

    A Seattle family has been on a waiting list with a rat breeder for a year after filling out a long, detailed application. The rats are bred to be superior to the lab rats sold at pet stores.
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