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Saul Spady

  • Tacoma teacher responds to white supremacist allegation after op-ed

    Tacoma history teacher Mike Jankanish has come under fire for an op-ed he wrote arguing that diversity education is divisive education.
  • CBD

    Entrepreneur of the Week: Skyler Bissell and OLEO CBD products

    Skyler Bissell is a Seattle entrepreneur on a mission to make CBD products more convenient to use by making flavored powders for drinks.
  • Millennial Republican

    Spady: We need to create the Millennial Republican Party

    It is time for a Millennial Republican Party to take over, especially if Washington state is going to force voters to pick a party. It's time for a party that will work with others.
  • Kaepernick, national anthem

    Spady: Standing or not standing for the anthem does not define your morality

    I gave a speech recently at a college debate between Democrat and Republican students. I didn't plan on talking about kneeling during the National Anthem. But it seemed appropriate.
  • kombucha, bucha belly

    Spady: 26-year-old Ryan Strandin has never had to make a resume

    Ryan Strandin started Bucha Belly to deliver kombucha in the same manner that milk delivery services once did for neighborhoods.
  • Logan Bowers

    Kshama Sawant council challenger Logan Bowers aspires for ‘world-class city’

    From Seattle's housing crisis, to climate change, District 3 city council candidate Logan Bowers has big plans for the city should he beat out incumbent Kshama Sawant.
  • Stone N' Seed

    Seattle entrepreneur: Jordan Frager with Stone N’ Seed wearable art

    Jordan Frager had a side gig that turned into a full-time job -- Stone N’ Seed wearable art. He forages the beautiful Puget Sound region for rocks, stones, and minerals and turns them into jewelry.
  • tax on jobs, growth

    Spady: Amazon, New York & the progressive push for no growth

    Growth should be viewed as a good thing in Seattle, as long as it's responsibly stewarded by rational leaders. But modern Progressive policies have proven to be anti-growth.
  • lobbying

    Spady: Will Democrats call out union lobbying dollars before demonizing AIPAC?

    If Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is going to call out the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for its lobbying money, then she should also call out teachers unions for spending even more on politicians.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Spady: Trump and AOC signal the death of the American political party system

    Ocasio-Cortez is the beginning of the end for the Democratic Party. I’ve compared her to President Trump before and I’ll do it again. I believe that Trump is also the beginning of the end for the Republicans.
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