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Michael Medved

  • A thrilling film that enriches our culture

    "Greyhound," starring Tom Hanks, is that sort of old-fashioned thriller, notably enriched by state-of-the art special effects and riveting action sequences showing World War II’s Battle of the Atlantic.
  • money

    New faces on our money?

    A full page in The New York Times proposed new faces for our coins and bills -- emphasizing diversity and artistic achievement, not political leadership.
  • Portraying police as an invading enemy

    The poisonous notion that police are the implacable foe of all people of color, worthy of scorn and resistance, and unworthy of decent equipment, could cost innocent lives among officers of the law as well as civilians.
  • Medved: You can’t win an audience by insulting its values

    The entertainment industry regularly ignores a common sense lesson: You can’t connect with a mass audience by insulting a figure they revere.  
  • Trump, virtues

    Medved: Let’s debate virtues, not vices

    The New York Times seizes every opportunity to impute racist motives to Donald Trump, even when reacting to positive announcements that shouldn’t be controversial.
  • Trump, Twitter

    Unmasking ‘shy Trump voters’

    Many respondents must be fibbing - telling pollsters what they think they want to hear about Trump, Michael Medved writes.
  • Seattle-protest

    The left’s fanatical substitute for faith

    Michael Medved argues that so-called “social justice activism” has become a substitute religion for secular progressives.
  • What will history say?

    If our health suffers, the economy suffers with it, but if the pandemic comes under control, business can begin to recover.
  • music

    God’s playlist

    During this period of home isolation, I’ve looked more deeply into messages in the traditional prayers I recite every morning. For instance, a key passage in ancient Jewish liturgy is Yishtabach—or the “God Be Praised” prayer.
  • Re-engaging the educated

    While Republican strategists concentrate on mobilizing the white, working class voters that gave President Trump his crucial swing state victories last time, they face a real danger of mass defection from the best-educated segment of the electorate.
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