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Seahawks Cowboys
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  • Seahawks Cowboys

    How working for the Cowboys helped make me a Seahawks fan

    After cutting our teeth working for the flagship radio network of the Dallas Cowboys, my opinions on the team didn't change much. Fast forward to my time in Seattle, and the decision was an easy one.
  • human composting

    Washington could become first state to legalize human composting

    If a proposed bill passes in the state legislature, Washington would become the first state to legalize human composting. It's exactly what it sounds like.
  • Rethinking the way we make New Year’s resolutions

    I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions. I've gone on rants about them in the past, and I'll spare you this year. I still believe that a better way though, and that's by adopting a new mindset.
  • animaniacs, rob paulsen

    Iconic ‘Animaniacs’ voice actor Rob Paulsen on cancer, Seattle concert

    Rob Paulsen is the voice of many peoples' childhoods, creating the voices for cartoons ranging from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Animaniacs. Recently, cancer threatened that voice.
  • I-5 Lid

    I-5 lid a great idea, but a nightmare to implement

    Efforts to lid I-5 have been talked about for years now, but even if you agree with the reasoning, Seattle's construction fatigue could be the biggest barrier it faces in the immediately future.
  • cookbook

    Digital shmigital: Cookbook sales are up 25 percent

    Cookbook sales are up 25 percent this year, including at Seattle's all-cookbook shop Book Larder. We explore why.
  • Alaskan Way Viaduct 1952

    Will we actually miss the viaduct when it’s gone?

    Most people aren't broken up about the loss of the Alaskan Way Viaduct come 2019, but it also represents the loss of a piece of old Seattle history.
  • Ron and Don

    A heartfelt thanks to our ‘Ron and Don Show’ listeners

    The more I thought about the new year, the more I realized that what I really wanted to do is to just take a minute to thank all of you for listening to our show.
  • holiday gifts

    Give experiences, not gifts this holiday season

    Why do we subject ourselves to the gift-giving ritual and what is gift-giving supposed to mean? Why not opt for the gift of experiences?
  • coffee

    Author thanks 1,000 people who contributed to his morning coffee

    In his new book, "Thanks a Thousand" AJ Jacobs thanks everyone from his barista to the rubber growers who make the rubber for the tires that drive the truck that delivers the coffee beans to the cafe.
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