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NHL Seattle
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Tom and Curley

  • NHL Seattle

    Will the NHL actually be embraced by Seattle?

    Seattle isn't exactly what one might think of as a traditional hockey town. Will hockey be embraced here by locals?
  • seattle traffic

    New SDOT traffic report shows ‘slow death’ of Seattle driving

    The annual traffic report from SDOT shows a slight decrease in cars on the road, but for John Curley, the road diet is more about eliminating cars than increasing traffic efficiency.
  • king county shootings

    Are shootings contagious? Prosecutors look at gun violence like disease

    King County prosecutors believe shootings are contagious, and are using local crime data to try and prevent shootings before they happen.
  • sumner homeless

    Sumner homeless man returns $17,000 in cash: Should we be surprised?

    A Sumner homeless man found $17,000 and turned it in to his local food bank. Why are stories like this surprising?
  • Starbucks

    Is Starbucks solving a non-existent problem by blocking pornography?

    After intense public pressure, Starbucks is finally blocking customers from watching pornography on their WiFi, though Tom and Curley have never seen anyone do it.
  • lunch shaming

    North Thurston schools lose $21,000 in debt from ‘lunch shaming’ ban

    The "lunch shaming" House Bill 2610 didn't come with funding, and many of the students racking up the debt aren't enrolled in the free and reduced priced lunch program.
  • environment

    Do Washingtonians dislike taxes more than they like the environment?

    Despite exit polls showing climate change was a chief concern among voters, the carbon-tax was voted down by significant margins two years in row.
  • seattle housing

    Can new disclosure laws help relieve Seattle’s housing market?

    New rules from the U.S. Treasury Department now requires King County buyers paying for houses in cash to disclose their identity to law enforcement.
  • mayor Durkan

    Has Mayor Durkan finally found her footing after a year in office?

    How is Mayor Jenny Durkan doing after her first year in office? A new stylistic approach may be helping her lead more effectively.
  • Amazon

    Can a former Amazon ‘bar raiser’ actually help you get a job?

    A former Amazon "bar raiser" is offering his services to prospective employees interviewing at the company. But is it actually worth it, or is it about as helpful as an SAT training course?
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