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they shall not grow old
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Tom Tangney

  • they shall not grow old

    ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ is an artistic masterstroke

    "They Shall Not Grow Old" is a documentary made up entirely of 100-year-old Imperial War Museum footage, much of which we may already have seen in scores of WWI documentaries over the years. But oh, what a difference.
  • Stan & Ollie

    ‘Stan & Ollie’ features great performances, but plays it safe

    "Stan & Ollie" is sweet and sentimental, but the script is shallow and plays it safe.
  • glass

    ‘Glass’ takes itself far too seriously to take seriously

    Offering few thrills, chills, or even any sense of fun, "Glass" takes itself far too seriously to take seriously. It talks itself to death.
  • Critics choice awards

    How Tom Tangney voted for the 2019 Critics Choice Awards

    KIRO Radio film critic Tom Tangney provides a peek at his votes for the Critics Choice Awards ahead of the big event Jan. 13, 2019 in LA. Which films stood out over the past year?
  • Tom Tangney’s top 10 films of 2018

    After a year of watching movies, KIRO Radio's Tom Tangney has painstakingly compiled his list of the top 10 films of 2018, though there technically 13 films on this list, because he cheated.
  • Poppins

    ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ tries so hard to top original, but can’t

    "Mary Poppins Returns" is a dutiful sequel with passable songs but what it lacks is the irresistible sense of fun that Julie Andrews and the Sherman Brothers' songs brought to the one and only "Mary Poppins."
  • ‘Star is Born’ too melodramatic for its own good

    The "book" of this near-musical is too melodramatic for its own good but the musical performances make "A Star is Born" worth watching.
  • Blaze - Ben Dickey

    ‘Blaze’ is a unique and important biopic we don’t often get to experience

    Telling the story of little-known country singer Blaze Foley, writer/director Ethan Hawke gives us an intriguing look at a would-be star that never quite made it.
  • house with a clock in its walls

    ‘House with a Clock in its Walls’ doesn’t want to be too scary, or funny

    "The House with a Clock in its Walls" is funny, scary, and interesting if you're 10 years old. That's the level it plays at. Adult audiences are not considered in this PG movie.
  • white boy rick

    ‘White Boy Rick’ mostly interested in exploring gritty family dynamics

    "White Boy Rick" has the integrity to not sell out, but it doesn't have the depth of character to make it a truly insightful drama either.
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