10 favorite Seattle food trucks

Fish Basket NW, a family-run business, features fish and chips, chowder, and other fresh seafood eats. But it's the tacos that draw people from all over to this popular mobile eatery. Take your pick of salmon or halibut filets on a bed of tartar slaw in flour tortillas topped with fresh apple and papaya salsa, chipotle ranch with lime and lemon wedges. Seafood doesn't get any better or fresher.
This one's for those sticking with the paleolithic or caveman diet where meat is in, grains are out. Outside the Box gets rave reviews for its grass-fed pasture raised meats, ​vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, without grains, legumes, dairy products, refined salt and refined sugar.

Their popular offerings, which vary weekly, include favorites like the pulled pork carnitas on lettuce wraps with sauteed onions and pico de gallo, and grass-fed beef sliders with uncured bacon and roasted garlic aioli on an almond slider bun. Some people would just as soon skip lunch or dinner and go right for dessert, and Parfait Ice Cream gladly obliges. They make all of their delicious ice cream, sorbet, cones, brownies, butter toffee, peanut butter cups, and sauces completely from scratch. Parfait features elegant versions of classic ice cream flavors, with a variety of fruit and specialty flavors rotated through the menu according to the season and their inspiration. 
When it comes to burgers, there are plenty of options around town. But it's tough to beat Buns. Their single-minded focus on gourmet burgers made from premium, all-natural and organic ingredients puts them at the top of the list for many discerning diners. And don't miss their signature truffle and sweet potato fries. Street food does not get better than this.
Chef Sam Choy's Poke To The Max brings island favorites to Seattle with Hawaiian taste treats including Loco Moco, Kalua Pork, Ahi Tuna, Salmon and Tofu Poke and other great dishes. The tantalizing Roadside Shrimp is cooked in fresh garlic and scallions, stacked over a load of Hapa rice. One of Seattle's newest trucks is quickly becoming a favorite. Fusion on the Run - An explosion of flavors inspired by founder Cassandra's childhood in Hawaii, Fusion on the Run features a modern take on island classics like kalua pork tacos with mango salsa, marinated boneless short ribs and Coco Adobo chicken, braised in coconut milk and vinegar with ginger and pepper. A taste of aloha, indeed. One of the pioneers of Seattle's food truck scene, Skillet remains a favorite for its signature grass fed beef burgers with bacon jam, arugula and cambozola on a fresh baked bun. People also seek out Skillet's iconic Airstream for its other specialties including the fried chicken sandwich and heart-stopping poutine - handcut french fries slathered in gravy and cheddar. Their frequently changing menu is always full of surprise. El Camion - There are plenty of Mexican food trucks around town, but people drive from all over to one of El Camion's fixed truck locations in North Seattle and Ballard for their authentic meats from Carne Asada to Adobada, grilled fish tacos, monster burritos and more.

Among their specialties are the Gorditas, three thick handmade tortillas covered with grilled onions, Cotija cheese, salsa verde, avocado and topped with any meat from our selection of carnes. Their low prices are among the best food bargains around town as well. 
Maximus Minimus - You can't miss the pig, an armored porker of a truck that looks like high-school shop class project gone awry. But the food at Maximus Minimus is considered among the best in town thanks to the the same team that brought you Beecher's Handmade Cheese, Bennett's Pure Food Bistro and Pasta & Co. The pulled pork sandwich is their specialty, with either the spicy Maximus or sweet Minimus. For some extra heat, add a little bit of Hurt, if you dare.

Marination Mobile's Hawaiian-Korean cuisine melts delicate heat and the flavors of aloha together in your mouth. It's best known for its tacos which come in four varieties: spicy pork, kalbi beef, ginger miso chicken, and sexy tofu. Good Morning America named it America's best food truck.
10 favorite Seattle food trucks