KIRO Newsradio historian Feliks Banel delivers his All Over The Map feature Friday mornings on Seattle's Morning News

All Over The Map

Restoration of the 1938 Chief Theatre neon sign, seen in the background, was the catalyst that launched a campaign to make vintage neon an attraction in Pocatello, Idaho. The Molinelli Jewelers sign in the foreground dates to 1956. (Courtesy Randy Dixon) The sign for the old Greyhound Bus Depot in Pocatello, Idaho dates to 1946; it was re-lit in 2015. (Courtesy Randy Dixon) 
Fred’s Photo Service installed their sign in the early 1960s; it was re-lit, with Fred’s widow flipping the switch, in 2019. (Courtesy Randy Dixon) 
Hotel Yellowstone’s sign dates to the 1930s; it was dark for 30 years before being re-lit in 2018. (Randy Dixon)
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