AP Week in Pictures: Latin America and Caribbean

              A migrant sits on the floor of a local's home where he is paying to sta while waiting on the Mexican immigration office to accept his application for legal migration documents and give a him "safe passage" permit in Tapachula, Chiapas state, Mexico, Monday, Oct. 3, 2022. A local taxi driver rents out space to migrants looking for lodging, for 100 pesos, or about $5 dollars a night. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)
              Sasha Mortier peels off a covering protecting a World Cup trophy tattoo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2022. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)
              People dine in the air at the Altum restaurant in Caracas, Venezuela, late Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022. Altum, the "restaurant in the heights," is for 25 diners that is elevated by a crane to 50 meters (164 feet). (AP Photo/Matias Delacroix)
              A Venezuelan migrant holds a child up as he climbs a river bank onto U.S territory, after crossing the Rio Grande river from Matamoros, Mexico, Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022. Migrants are waiting on a pending U.S. Supreme Court decision on asylum restrictions. (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)
              The Cotopaxi volcano spews a plume of vapor and ash as seen from Quito, Ecuador, Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2022. (AP Photo/Juan Diego Montenegro)
              A boy is reflected on a glass case as he tours the Pele Museum in Santos, Brazil, Monday, Dec. 26, 2022. (AP Photo/Matias Delacroix)
              TheSanta Cruz departmental prosecutor's office burns as supporters of Luis Fernando Camacho, governor of the region of Santa Cruz, protest in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2022. Police in Bolivia detained Camacho, the country's main opposition leader in a dramatic action that is bound to increase political tensions and could lead to renewed social unrest. (AP Photo/Ipa Ibáñez)
              Birds fly from exposed land within Lake Penuelas, a protected reserve by the same name in Valparaiso, Chile, Thursday, Dec. 22, 2022. (AP Photo/Matias Basualdo)
              Children play with "Super Bigote" dolls in the Carayaca neighborhood of La Guaira , Venezuela, Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2022. The delivery of toys of "Super Bigote" or Super Mustache and "Cilita" dolls based on the image of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his wife Cilia Flores, were handed to thousands of children this Christmas, causing controversy among some Venezuelans. (AP Photo/Jesus Vargas)
              A friend of Monica Citlalli Diaz carries her photo on the sidelines of her funeral at a cemetery in Ecatepec, State of Mexico, Mexico, Friday, Nov. 11, 2022. The 30-year-old English teacher became the ninth apparent femicide during an 11-day spate of killings in and around Mexico City from late October to early November. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)
              Christ the Redeemer statue is illuminated in the colors of the Brazilian national flag to honor late soccer legend Pele, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, Dec. 29, 2022, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as Pele has died in Sao Paulo. He was 82. (AP Photo/Bruna Prado)
AP Week in Pictures: Latin America and Caribbean