Feliks Banel

A monument to the 1924 around-the-world flight was dedicated Sept. 29, 1924 next to the airfield at Sand Point; it was moved to the side of Sand Point Way in 1974. (MOHAI) The monument in its original location as it appeared in the 1920s. (MOHAI)
Pilots who flew the around-the-world flight were back at Sand Point the day after their triumphant return for dedication of the monument. (MOHAI) An illustration of the runway at Sand Point from a 1927 U.S, government 'Air Bulletin.' (Courtesy Lee Corbin) Lee Corbin believes the original Sand Point runway was located within what's now the NOAA facility at Sand Point. (Google Map annotated by Lee Corbin) The current NOAA pier at Sand Point may be located in the exact same spot as the original Sand Point airfield pier from the early 1920s. (Feliks Banel/KIRO Newsradio) (L-R) Aviation historian Lee Corbin; Friends of Magnuson Park president Ken Sparks; and Friends' executive director Elisa Law stand by the around-the-world flight monument along Sand Point Way. (Feliks Banel/KIRO Newsradio)
Seattle flight was second only to Wright Brothers in aviation history