KIRO Newsradio historian Feliks Banel delivers his All Over The Map feature Friday mornings on Seattle's Morning News

All Over The Map

(Photo from British Pathé YouTube) Bob Wartinger raced outboard motorboats on the Sammamish Slough every year from 1963 to 1976. (Courtesy Bob Wartinger)
The Sammamish Slough was deeper and, in places, boggier, in 1895; it changed drastically when the lake level dropped in 1916 upon completion of the Ballard Locks and Lake Washington Ship Canal. (USGS Archives) The Sammamish Slough connects Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish; the channel has been straightened and dredged multiple times since the 1890s. (USGS Archives)
Thrilling boat races once ran on the Sammamish Slough