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Hometown Hero: Brian Zillmer

Washington State Patrol Trooper Brian Zillmer continually goes above and beyond the call of duty for those he serves. When he sees a stranded driver, an open volunteer shift at his local food bank, a family in need during the holidays, or a hospitalized three year old who has a dream to become a state trooper, Brian Zillmer springs into action. He works tirelessly to strengthen the bond between law enforcement and his community, and more than that, he simply cares and believes he can make a difference.

For his boundless generosity, KIRO Radio and your community credit union, WSECU are proud to honor Brian Zillmer as a Hometown Hero and award him with $2,000! WSECU Knows that when we come together as a community, we can do more. If you know of a Hometown Hero, an exceptional person who makes your community a better place to live, nominate that person at

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