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Hometown Hero: Dr. Stanley Stamm

For more than 50 years, Dr. Stanley Stamm has been helping critically ill children experience one of life’s simple joys – summer camp.

Dr. Stamm worked for 58 years as a cardiologist at Children’s Hospital, their first ever, and still to this day works hard to send children to Stamm Camp, a week-long escape from the illnesses these children face. There were many challenges like the complex medical conditions of the children, the risks involved with the environment, and much more, but, nonetheless, Dr. Stamm took off for the first year of Stamm Camp with one nurse, volunteers and 19 kids. By 2016, its 50th year, over 100 children and 200 volunteers celebrated a beautiful week of sun, crafts, horseback riding, games, and a carnival.

Even after retiring 7 years ago, Dr. Stamm continues to work year-round, going to the office every day to do whatever he can to make this camp happen, and still make the kids smile by joining in on rounds when possible. There is no fee for campers, though the cost is about $1000 per child, and no child is turned away, so every year there is event after event to raise the funds, and Dr. Stamm is there for all of them.

Dr. Stamm’s selfless commitment to bringing joy to these kids is inspiring to all who meet him. Because of this, KIRO Radio and your community credit union, WSECU, are proud to honor Dr. Stanley Stamm as a Hometown Hero and award him with $2,000! WSECU knows that when we come together as a community, we can do more. If you know of a Hometown Hero, an exceptional person who makes you community a better place to live, nominate that person now at

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