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  • Ron and Don’s last show on KIRO Radio

    Last night was Ron and Don’s last show on KIRO Radio.
  • In Seattle, a personal shopper and stylist who only shops at thrift stores

    If you think you can't afford a personal stylist, head to the thrift store with Sweet Kelly Anne Styling's Kelly Herzberg who will pull hundreds of pieces for you to try on.
  • Viaduct waterfront

    What do we do with the waterfront after the viaduct is gone?

    After the viaduct is taken down, we'll be left with a choice: What do we do with one of the most beautiful waterfronts in the country?
  • Shower Thoughts: Ichiro can give Mariners fans something to root for

    Rumor has it that Ichiro might make a comeback next year, and I for one welcome it.
  • Border wall

    Trying to figure out why people want Trump’s border wall

    A little over 40 percent of Americans now support the idea of a border wall, but what is it about it that seems so attractive?
  • Dan McCartney, Pierce County Sheriff

    Why you could hear kids’ voices on Pierce County Sheriff radios Monday night

    Sometimes, "gone but not forgotten" isn't always how slain officers are remembered. But in Pierce County, a special effort is being made to commemorate a fallen deputy.
  • Ron meets his birth father

    A first-time meeting with my father 50 years in the making

    I want to tell you a true story today almost 50 years in the making, as I meet my birth father for the first time ever over the holidays.
  • Pete Carroll

    Shower Thoughts: Who’s ready for some Seahawks playoff football?

    This week's Shower Thoughts include my thoughts on Zeke Elliott, a hope for the Seahawks success on Saturday, and more.
  • seattle, police, spd, iosia faletogo

    Seattle police source: What took them so long? I would have shot sooner

    I spoke with a Seattle police officer about the recently-released video of the fatal shooting of Iosia Faletogo. This is what he told me about what he would have done.
  • ‘Be real, it’s beautiful.’ A documentary photographer thinks posed family photos fall flat

    Documentary family and wedding photographer Erin Covey won't shoot you wearing matching outfits and she won't line your family up and tell you to smile. She's all about capturing families in everyday moments, whether they're tender, playful or "mundane."
  • Seahawks Cowboys

    How working for the Cowboys helped make me a Seahawks fan

    After cutting our teeth working for the flagship radio network of the Dallas Cowboys, my opinions on the team didn't change much. Fast forward to my time in Seattle, and the decision was an easy one.
  • human composting

    Washington could become first state to legalize human composting

    If a proposed bill passes in the state legislature, Washington would become the first state to legalize human composting. It's exactly what it sounds like.
  • Rethinking the way we make New Year’s resolutions

    I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions. I've gone on rants about them in the past, and I'll spare you this year. I still believe that a better way though, and that's by adopting a new mindset.
  • animaniacs, rob paulsen

    Iconic ‘Animaniacs’ voice actor Rob Paulsen on cancer, Seattle concert

    Rob Paulsen is the voice of many peoples' childhoods, creating the voices for cartoons ranging from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Animaniacs. Recently, cancer threatened that voice.
  • I-5 Lid

    I-5 lid a great idea, but a nightmare to implement

    Efforts to lid I-5 have been talked about for years now, but even if you agree with the reasoning, Seattle's construction fatigue could be the biggest barrier it faces in the immediately future.
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