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  • GeekWire

    Investigation into Amazon warehouse safety finds higher rate of injuries at robotic facilities

    <img width="1240" height="929" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt="Amazon package"><br>Amazon fulfillment centers with robots have experienced “significantly higher” rates of human injuries in the past four years than those without them, supporting the theory that automation can require humans to work at unsafe speeds, a new report finds. That is one of several bombshells in an extensive investigation by journalist Will Evans and colleagues at Reveal, a publication of The Center for Investigative Reporting. The report is based on internal Amazon safety records showing weekly data on injuries from more than 150 Amazon warehouses from 2016 through 2019. The investigation finds “a mounting injury crisis at Amazon warehouses, one… <a href="">Read More</a>
  • GeekWire

    Vancouver-based online course education startup Thinkific raises $22M

    <img width="1260" height="841" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt=""><br>Thinkific, a Vancouver, B.C.-based online education startup, today announced a $22 million round led by Vancouver firm Rhino Ventures. Founded in 2012, the company helps 50,000 instructors create their own online courses and teach users on topics ranging from guitar lessons to fitness classes to business coaching. Thinkific course creators have earned more than $650 million this year alone. The startup, ranked No. 36 on the GeekWire 200, reported nearly 150% year-over-year revenue growth and plans to hire 350 people over the next 18 months. It currently employs nearly 200. Thinkific co-founder and CEO Greg Smith said the pandemic caused… <a href="">Read More</a>
  • GeekWire

    Junior Geek of the Month: Future doctor Nicole Magaki wants to make health care more accessible

    <img width="630" height="354" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt=""><br>Nicole Magaki doesn’t just want to be a doctor. She wants to help doctors help more people. A 17-year-old from Des Moines, Wash., Nicole has long had an interest in science, medicine and research. As she moves forward with her education and career goals, she’s set her sights on reforming public policy and the overall health care system so that care and treatment are more accessible. Nicole, a senior at Auburn Adventist Academy, is GeekWire’s Junior Geek of the Month for September. The monthly honor, presented by Northern Trust, recognizes talented young innovators, creators and entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest.… <a href="">Read More</a>
  • GeekWire

    Seattle startup HaptX lands grant to build full-body ‘robotic exoskeleton’ for virtual reality

    <img width="691" height="519" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt=""><br>HaptX just landed funding from the National Science Foundation to create a full-body haptic system. The 8-year-old Seattle startup received a $1.5 million grant and will work with Virginia Tech and the University of Florida on a 4-year project called ForceBot. The system combines HaptX’s microfluidic touch feedback technology with a “robotic exoskeleton.” The idea is to let people feel and touch in a virtual environment, or manipulate objects from afar with a robotic avatar. “We have always had a larger vision to create a full-body haptic system, something akin to the Holodeck, an environment simulator that can deliver realistic… <a href="">Read More</a>
  • GeekWire

    RealSelf names new CEO as cosmetic procedure review business bounces back after pandemic dip

    <img width="840" height="1260" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt=""><br>RealSelf has a new CEO as the Seattle-based startup sees renewed interest in its cosmetic review platform. The company promoted James Coyle to CEO. Coyle was chief operating officer since 2019, when he joined RealSelf after stints at Varsity Tutors, Sears, Amazon, Microsoft, and Siemens Healthcare. RealSelf founder and former CEO Tom Seery is staying onboard as executive chairman. “We will continue to work closely together shaping the business strategy and investments we’re making for the next phase of growth,” Seery told GeekWire. Founded in 2006, RealSelf operates a Yelp-like marketplace business that helps people learn more about cosmetic procedures… <a href="">Read More</a>
  • GeekWire

    Amazon jumps into virtual tourism, offering live one-on-one experiences around the world

    <img width="1089" height="613" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt=""><br>One morning last week, I went on a walking tour of Quebec City with an experienced local tour guide, from the majestic Parliament of Quebec to the picturesque Saint Lawrence River. I asked questions, took pictures, learned about the multinational history of the Canadian neighborhood, and even visited a local shop to pick out a maple leaf ornament as a souvenir. Later that afternoon, I visited a kitchen in Buenos Aires for a one-on-one lesson in making traditional Argentinian empanadas from an expert tour guide and cook. I soaked up the culinary and cultural history of the country, quizzed my… <a href="">Read More</a>
  • GeekWire

    Portland startup DeepSurface Security raises $1M to help companies assess vulnerabilities

    <img width="873" height="432" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt=""><br>Portland, Ore.-based startup DeepSurface Security raised $1 million to help companies analyze vulnerabilities on their enterprise networks. Led by security industry veterans, the 3-year-old startup sells software that assesses potential risk and lays out a “hacker roadmap.” The idea is to help prioritize the most risky vulnerabilities and automate a traditionally manual process at a time when companies are using more cloud-based systems. The company is led by CEO James Dirksen, who previously sold RuleSpace to Symantec and was an executive at Formaltech, and CTO Tim Morgan, a longtime security consultant. Dirksen said the pandemic actually helped prove the company’s… <a href="">Read More</a>
  • GeekWire

    Pay with your palm? Amazon unveils biometric ID, touting convenience and testing customer trust

    <img width="1260" height="975" src="" class="webfeedsFeaturedVisual wp-post-image" alt=""><br>Amazon has developed a new biometric ID system that works by scanning the palms of participating customers, planning to ultimately let people make in-store payments, gain access to office buildings, and move quickly through stadium turnstiles by holding out a hand. The system, called “Amazon One,” comes with numerous safeguards designed to protect user data. Even so, Amazon’s use of biometrics in stores and other commercial settings promises to attract scrutiny at a time of heightened awareness of digital security and privacy, testing the limits of customer trust in the company. Amazon One is set to debut Tuesday at two… <a href="">Read More</a>
Science and Technology | AP
  • EPA ridicules California’s proposed ban of new gas cars

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew Wheeler on Monday ridiculed California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, saying the proposal raises “significant questions of legality.” Last week, Newsom signed an executive order directing state regulators to come up with rules that would ban […]
  • Seattle-area Amazon employee charged with insider trading

    SEATTLE (AP) — The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit Monday against an Amazon finance manager accused of leaking confidential company information to family members, allowing them to make nearly $1.4 million by trading based on insider tips. Laksha Bohra, a former manager in Amazon’s tax division who lives in Bothell, Washington; her […]
  • Salty lake, ponds may be gurgling beneath South Pole on Mars

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A network of salty ponds may be gurgling beneath Mars’ South Pole alongside a large underground lake, raising the prospect of tiny, swimming Martian life. Italian scientists reported their findings Monday, two years after identifying what they believed to be a large buried lake. They widened their coverage area by […]
  • Lawyer for Huawei CFO says US evidence misleading

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Lawyers for a senior executive for Chinese technology giant Huawei Technologies argued in a Canadian courtroom Monday that U.S. authorities used a misleading summary that “cherry picks” evidence in requesting her extradition. Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s founder, at Vancouver’s airport in late 2018. The U.S. wants […]
  • Q&A: Will the Trump administration be able to ban TikTok?

    A federal judge on Sunday postponed a Trump administration order that would have banned the popular video sharing app TikTok from U.S. smartphone app stores. A more comprehensive ban remains scheduled for November, about a week after the presidential election. But the judge, Carl Nichols of the U.S District Court for the District of Columbia, […]
  • Cyberattack hobbles major hospital chain’s US facilities

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A computer outage at a major hospital chain thrust healthcare facilities across the U.S. into chaos Monday, with treatment impeded as doctors and nurses already burdened by the coronavirus pandemic were forced to rely on paper backup systems. Universal Health Services Inc., which operates more than 250 hospitals and other clinical facilities […]
  • US judge dismisses New Mexico privacy claims against Google

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A U.S. district judge has dismissed New Mexico’s privacy claims against Google over privacy concerns, but New Mexico’s top prosecutor vowed Monday to continue the legal fight to protect child privacy rights. The judge concluded in a ruling Friday that federal laws and regulations do not require direct consent from parents […]
  • Dems to Facebook: Get serious about misinformation, hate

    Two influential Democrats on Capitol Hill have urged Facebook to take stronger action against misinformation, voter suppression and incitements to violence ahead of the 2020 election. In a letter sent to the company on Sunday, U.S. Representatives Pramila Jayapal and David Cicilline accused Facebook of failing to enforce its own rules when it comes to […]
  • Uber gets 18-month London license after winning court appeal

    LONDON (AP) — Uber can keep operating in London for another year and a half after winning its appeal of a decision by the British capital’s transit regulator not to renew its license. The San Francisco-based ride-hailing company had challenged Transport for London’s decision in late 2019 not to renew its operating license over safety […]
  • Huawei CFO case back in Canadian court on Monday

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — A senior executive for Chinese communications giant Huawei Technologies will be in a Canadian courtroom Monday arguing her extradition to the U.S. should be halted because her rights have been violated. Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s founder and the company’s chief financial officer, at Vancouver’s airport in […]
  • Federal judge postpones Trump ban on popular app TikTok

    NEW YORK (AP) — A federal judge on Sunday postponed a Trump administration order that would have banned the popular video sharing app TikTok from U.S. smartphone app stores around midnight. A more comprehensive ban remains scheduled for November, about a week after the presidential election. The judge, Carl Nichols of the U.S District Court […]
  • Nearly 1M who died of COVID-19 also illuminated treatment

    The nearly 1 million people around the world who have lost their lives to COVID-19 have left us a gift: Through desperate efforts to save their lives, scientists now better understand how to treat and prevent the disease — and millions of others may survive. Ming Wang, 71, and his wife were on a cruise […]
  • New rule may strip pollution protections from popular lakes

    WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) — Nearly 50 years ago, a power company received permission from North Carolina to build a reservoir by damming a creek near the coastal city of Wilmington. It would provide a source of steam to generate electricity and a place to cool hot water from an adjacent coal-fired plant. Sutton Lake became […]
  • Attenborough gives shark tooth to 7-year-old Prince George

    LONDON (AP) — Veteran broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough has given Britain’s Prince George a giant shark tooth fossil after a private viewing of his new documentary at Kensington Palace. Photos released by the palace showed the 7-year-old prince looking intrigued as he looked at the tooth from a carcharocles megalodon, a species that lived […]
  • Leaders to UN: If virus doesn’t kill us, climate change will

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — In a year of cataclysm, some world leaders at this week’s annual United Nations meeting are taking the long view, warning: If COVID-19 doesn’t kill us, climate change will. With Siberia seeing its warmest temperature on record this year and enormous chunks of ice caps in Greenland and Canada sliding into the […]