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Favorite true war movies

Washington state loves "Saving Private Ryan."(screengrab)

If taking in a movie on Memorial Day is more your speed, why not a war movie? compiled the nation’s favorite true war movies and organized it by state. See the map here.

On the list:

Saving Private Ryan — Washington state’s pick
Hacksaw Ridge
Lone Survivor
13 Hours
Full Metal Jacket
American Sniper
Thank You For Your Service
The Great Escape
Charlie Wilson’s War
Flags of Our Fathers

So we asked KIRO Radio Movie Critic Tom Tangney his favorite and he agrees with Kentucky. “The Great Escape” is at the top of his list.

“I’d go with that. It’s one of my childhood favorites. I remember watching it in elementary school. My understanding is it’s 75 percent Hollywood, but if that’s allowed, then that’s a fun one.”

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In terms of the quality of picks, Tom also sides with Oregon, which picked “Full Metal Jacket” as its favorite true war movie.

“You can not do better than Stanley Kubrick.”

Speaking of Kubrick, if Tom had to choose the best war movie (true or fiction), Paths of Glory, about WWI, is at the top of his list.

“It may be seen as sort of anti-war, but that’s a fantastic movie.”

Tom also recommends “The Deer Hunter,” “Apocalypse Now,” and “Gallipoli.”

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