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  • seattle overpass Local News

    Criminals dropped off under Seattle overpass

    A Yakima County Sheriff's van was spotted dropping off criminals in downtown Seattle. A concerned citizen took the video and sent it off to the Mayor's Office, and that sparked an investigation.
  • $15 minimum wage Dori Monson

    Dori: I told you so -- $15 minimum wage costs restaurant jobs in new survey

    Dori is vindicated over his $15 minimum wage predictions -- a survey of restaurants found that a higher minimum wage cost employees their jobs.
  • Nurse Harborview Local News

    Questions, confusion after Senate passes 'catastrophic' measure limiting nurse shifts

    Washington state nurses were stunned this week, when a bill originally intended to require uninterrupted breaks was passed in the Senate, limiting shifts to eight hours. So, how did this happen, and what's being done now to fix it?
  • Viadoom bus Dori Monson

    Dori: Two King County Metro supervisors arrested for sex trafficking

    Two King County Metro employees were arrested for aiding in the trafficking of minors within the same week. Is it a coincidence?
  • Feedback Friday Dori Monson

    Dori Monson's Feedback Friday: Did Dori patronize black hole scientist?

    In this week's Feedback Friday -- why did one listener find it terribly inappropriate for Dori to play the song "Stacy's Mom?"
  • Kittitas, Ryan Thompson Dori Monson

    Brother of slain deputy says his death was a consequence of ignoring immigration laws

    One month after the death of Deputy Ryan Thompson at the hands of an illegal immigrant, Aaron Thompson explains why he feels sanctuary policy contributed to his brother's murder.
  • Affirmative action Local News

    I-1000: Does affirmative action have a place in Washington state?

    People for and against I-1000 -- including all three living former Washington governors -- debated whether affirmative action has a place in Washington state this week.
  • nuclear Michael Medved

    Time to choose the green nuclear deal

    Instead of the radical and oppressive Green New Deal, Republicans should begin promoting a smart, practical Green Nuclear Deal, and sweep the election on that basis.
  • carjacking Kent Local News

    Prosecutors say carjacking suspect admitted killing truck's owner with owner's gun

    King County prosecutors said a suspect on the run from several arrest warrants, admitted to investigators that he stole a truck Monday night and killed the truck's owner with a gun he found in the truck's center console.
  • Sam's Tavern, Seattle Burger Jason Rantz

    Review: 'Sam's 50 Burger' essentially a bacon-avocado burger

    Tom Amato is on a mission to find the best Seattle Burger. This week, he ventures to Sam's Tavern to see if avocado is actually good on a burger.
  • lake city, aerosmith Local News

    Teacher hurt in Lake City shooting spree gets to meet Aerosmith

    A Seattle school teacher who was injured in a mass shooting in Lake City got a special moment of joy. But she wasn't going to let it keep her from seeing Aerosmith in concert.
  • Jeff Bezos tax Local News

    State Democrats unveil new wealth inequality tax in Olympia

    As state lawmakers continue work to get a budget deal done, a group of Senate Democrats are injecting a new idea into the mix: A tax on wealth inequality.
  • 4/20 marijuana Local News

    WSP emphasizes DUI patrols, rolls out upgraded mobile unit for 4/20

    DUI emphasis patrols -- and an upgraded 26-foot-long mobile unit -- will be hitting the roads this weekend, coinciding with 4/20, the world's unofficial pot holiday.
  • President Trump Dave Ross

    Ross: Trump was saved from himself by disobedience

    In President Trump's zeal to convince America of his innocence, he started issuing demands which, had they been followed, would very likely made him the second-coming of Richard Nixon.
  • Elliott Bay map Local News

    All Over The Map: The man who named Elliott Bay and more

    Elliott Bay, Eagle Harbor, and many other ports-of-call around Puget Sound all have something in common besides the seagulls, friendly boaters, and bracing sea air: US Navy Lieutenant Charles Wilkes.
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