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King County Courthouse from City Hall (flickr creative commons)...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Seattle judge slapped in the face, but refused to report assault to police

The unidentified suspect allegedly slapped a King County Superior Court Judge in the face, but the judge didn't want to be identified as a victim.
18 hours ago
(Seattle Police Department)...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Victim died as medics waited for critically understaffed Seattle Police to arrive to scene

Due to critically low staffing, Seattle Police were unable to quickly respond to a deadly hit and run as medics waited to be cleared to treat the victim.
2 days ago
Police officers block a street as city crews dismantle the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) ar...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Did Seattle councilmembers abuse police help, while defunding department?

I didn't come up empty-handed because I have no idea whether or not it's true. In this case, I was stopped from doing a part of my job.
6 days ago
Slides from Kirkland Middle School's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Presentation  from April 28...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: School used unsubstantiated hate speech claim to push kids into equity training

KiMS principal alleged there was an "an increase in use of racial and identity slurs." The incidents were "pervasive rather than an isolated incident."
7 days ago
A volunteer collects heroin syringes from a homeless encampment on March 12, 2022 in Seattle, Washi...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Progressives push drug legalization lie, amidst fatal OD surge and past failures

Instead of combatting the drug crisis, left-wing activists hope to legalize drug possession under the guise of treatment by lying about their plans.
8 days ago
Homeless Light Rail...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Shocking video shows light rail train used as homeless shelter

A Sound Transit employee took shocking video that shows approximately 30 homeless people using light rail as a homeless shelter.
9 days ago
Space Needle Needles...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Space Needle turned into syringe with new paint job

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Space Needle,  the city of Seattle returned the roof to its signature orange hue. The color has taken on new meaning.
9 days ago
Left wing counter-demonstrators and anti-fascist groups protest at a gun rights rally in Seattle, W...
KTTH staff

Jason Rantz warns of Antifa threat looming over weekend abortion protests

Pacific Northwest Antifa already made appearances this weekend and Rantz is seeing online chatter of "direct action" organizing.
11 days ago
Bathroom Gender Sign...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Democrats pretend boys can menstruate, mandate free tampons

Since biology no longer exists in states run by progressives, Oregon lawmakers are advancing a movement called menstrual equity. It's where they pretend boys can menstruate.
13 days ago
Representative Pramila Jayapal (center) (D-WA) is pictured at Kerry Park during a pro-choice rally ...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: On abortion, Seattle Rep. Jayapal reveals she’s clueless about the Supreme Court

We can now safely add the role of the Supreme Court to topics that Seattle congresswoman Pramila Jayapal doesn’t understand. Politico published a leaked, early draft opinion from Associate Justice Sam Alito that overturns the abortion case Roe v. Wade. Assuming nothing changes, the decision means states can regulate abortion, allowing the voting public to […]
14 days ago
Scot Witzel on Nordstrom Rack surveillance moments before allegedly striking an employee...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: No jail for suspect seen punching victim as Seattle’s shoplifting surge continues

Scot Witzel was charged by King County prosecutors for allegedly stealing from Nordstrom Rack and assaulting an employee who attempted to stop him.
15 days ago
(Getty Images)...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: New WA Supreme Court rule endangers our lives in the name of equity

WA Supreme Court's move endangers the lives of every Washingtonian, gives a pass to dangerous juvenile criminals, and stifles a free press.
16 days ago
Jason Rantz

Rantz: School cancels 4th grade play over ‘cultural appropriation’ complaints with little notice

Lowell Elementary informed parents that the school canceled a 4th grade performance of Lewis and Clark because of two complaints.
20 days ago
From left, Randy Huserik (KIRO 7), Bruce Harrell (Seattle Channel)...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Seattle Mayor’s office demands control over police messaging, press officer pushed out

The sergeant who handles media for the Seattle Police Department was involuntarily reassigned after a heated meeting with the mayor, who has openly criticized communication between his office and the SPD.
21 days ago
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Most Seattle city councilmembers refuse to return to the office

Most Seattle city council members refuse to return to the office, sticking with COVID remote-work policies introduced two years ago. While they continue to stay home, other city workers were back in the office last month. The council is not offering a timeline on when they'll return.
22 days ago
Bethel HS...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Bethel School District teachers, staff are using students to pass school levy

Teachers in the Bethel School District are using their students to promote an election with a levy that directly benefits them. This is a remarkable abuse of power. Voters are deciding on two levies that would bring in an additional $50 million to the district over two years. The superintendent says he will have to […]
23 days ago
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Public defender charged for obstructing Seattle police at bar, smelled of alcohol

A King County Public Defender has been charged after allegedly interfering with a police investigation.
27 days ago
Rep. Robert Sutherland. (Getty Images)...
KTTH staff

Battle lines drawn among Republicans in state House over heated exchange between lawmaker, security

Republican state Rep. Robert Sutherland believes he has more support than ever following a verbal confrontation with a top House security official.
27 days ago
downtown Seattle, crime...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Seattle progressives say arresting black or Native American suspects is racist and ‘troubling’

Seattle progressives believe black or Native American criminals should get a pass. In fact, if you arrest them, you're maintaining a systemically racist police department. It's the latest unsurprising position from activists specializing in identity politics and dangerous wokeness.
28 days ago
(UW Medicine)...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: UW Med used false claims to push gender affirming care for trans teen

UW Medicine propped up false claims by researchers claiming gender-affirming care via puberty blockers leads to positive mental health outcomes for transgender teen patients.
29 days ago
(Washington State Patrol via Facebook)...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Washington State Patrol rips KING 5 for slanted segment, but agency is to blame

The WSP criticized KING 5 Seattle for a recent segment, But the agency should criticize the staff members who thought pitching KING 5 this story was a good idea to begin with.
30 days ago
Dalton Day

‘Encampments pose public safety issues:’ progressive Seattle councilmember changes tune

Councilmember Lewis insists that homeless encampments are dangerous, perhaps setting the tone for the city’s position on encampments moving into the summer.
1 month ago
(The Jason Rantz Show)...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Thousands of your tax dollars went to phony Black Lives Matter ‘art’

King County awards thousands of tax-funded grant dollars to the co-founder of Black Lives Matter. The only tangible item the community received in return was a neon red sign that we're supposed to pretend is original art.
1 month ago
Whatcom Middle School (Robert Ashworth via Flickr)...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: District awards middle schoolers $2,000 for student drag show

Middle school students at Whatcom Middle School will perform in drag in the coming weeks. And the district is paying them to do it.
1 month ago
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