Jason Rantz

Dow Constantine...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Dow Constantine deletes photo as he went maskless at crowded event

King County Executive Dow Constantine doesn't practice what he preaches when it comes to COVID and masking.
1 day ago
mask, lunch...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Students told to wear mask while chewing lunch, district cites nonexistent guidance

Tacoma's Geiger School demands students chew and swallow their lunch with their mask on. The district backed the policy on guidance that doesn't exist.
4 days ago
critical race theory...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: District tells staff to defend critical race theory, but deny they teach it

Puyallup School District staff were given partisan talking points to deny that they teach Critical Race Theory and attack Republicans.
5 days ago
Seahawks, mask...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Mask mandate ignored at Seahawks game, highlights progressive hypocrisy

Seahawks ignored the mask mandate at Lumen Field. But will there be any consequences or media fretting over the super spreader threat? Nope.
6 days ago
Sawant recall...
KTTH staff

Recall group files new complaint over Kshama Sawant campaign spending

The group seeking to recall Councilmember Kshama Sawant filed a complaint alleging that she hadn't disclosed funds used to challenge the effort in court.
9 days ago
religious accommodation...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: All COVID vaccine religious accommodation requests rejected by Washington State Patrol

The Washington State Patrol has rejected every single religious accommodation request it has reviewed so far. But they say it's not a policy to reject them.
10 days ago
insurance rates...
KTTH staff

State lawmaker takes aim at rising insurance rates, blames executive overreach

State Senator Mark Mullet is aiding a lawsuit against the Washington Insurance Commissioner in the hope of lowering insurance rates for Washingtonians.
10 days ago
teacher, classroom display...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Teacher tells students noose, college rejection, and war represent Republicans

A teacher in Lacey hosted an ideologically bigoted, overtly political display in her classroom. The school district says she's now being investigated.
11 days ago
KCEN, King County Equity Now...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Seattle activist group makes radical, racist demands of candidates

King County Equity Now demands unhinged, discriminatory commitments from candidates in Seattle and King County.
12 days ago
KTTH staff

Is Washington poisoning itself with ivermectin? Poison control looks at the data

The Washington Poison center has seen a four-fold increase in ivermectin-related calls. The drug has not been approved by the FDA for COVID-19 treatment.
12 days ago
Renton shooting...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Seattle judge sets shockingly low bail on drive-by shooting of cop

King County District Judge pro tem David O set shockingly low bail for two suspects accused in a drive-by shooting against a Renton officer.
13 days ago
eastlake high school...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: High school cancels 9/11 tribute, says it could offend some students

Eastlake High School staff canceled a theme to honor 9/11 victims because some could be offended by wearing red, white, and blue.
13 days ago
A student stands by a social distancing sign in the hallway of a Catholic elementary school in Broo...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Unvaccinated parents barred from their kid’s schools as teachers push CRT

Thanks to Governor Jay Inslee's burdensome and authoritarian vaccine mandate, some parents are barred from their kid's school.
17 days ago
Eatonville High School ankle monitors...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: High school’s COVID tracking ankle bracelets are back after pause

Eatonville High School reinstituted contact tracing after pausing the program due to privacy concerns. Jason Rantz feels the optics of this are a bad look.
18 days ago
Belltown shooting...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Seattle Police could lose 200+ officers over vaccine mandate terminations

The Seattle Police Department lost roughly 300 officers since last year's push to defund. It may lose 200 more over Mayor Jenny Durkan's vaccine mandate.
19 days ago
Seattle schools, strike, exemption...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Seattle Public Schools withheld COVID vaccine exemption forms in rigged process

Seattle Public Schools withheld the religious and medical exemption forms until after the first deadline to get the Moderna vaccine passed.
19 days ago
body cameras...
KTTH staff

Snohomish County sheriff is thrilled to launch body cameras

Deputies in Snohomish County might be wearing body cameras this week as part of a pilot program before every officer is outfitted with the cameras in 2022.
19 days ago
Olympia Capitol, security...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: All religious accommodations for Washington state troopers rejected, per Inslee

Some Washington State Patrol troopers were told that all religious accommodations will be rejected for public-facing employees.
22 days ago
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Seattle’s Polyclinic pushes woke ‘anti-racist’ propaganda on patients

The Seattle Polyclinic on Madison wants its patients to be woke, progressive, activist parents.
24 days ago
A screenshot of Seattle city government training, offered by the Office of Civil Rights....
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Seattle training tells minority staff their internal racism pushes white supremacy

Some staffers with the City of Seattle are outraged and disgusted by racist training offered by the Office of Civil Rights.
25 days ago
dave upthegrove...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Progressive councilmember angry the woke mob he helped create finally came for him

Progressive King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove is being abandoned by the woke, progressive activists he empowered.
26 days ago
vaccine mandate, rally...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Meet the Resistance. They’ll be fired for rejecting the COVID vaccine mandate

A growing number of Washingtonians say they are willing to be fired over Governor Jay Inslee's COVID vaccine mandate. Here are their stories.
27 days ago
Eatonville High School ankle monitors...
KTTH staff

‘Why not?’: Eatonville parents, students express support for contact-tracing ankle monitors

Eatonville High School parents -- and many of their kids -- have voiced support for the use of contact-tracing ankle monitors for student-athletes.
29 days ago
homeless encampment...
Jason Rantz

Rantz: Homeless encampment near Seattle school to stay, district says sex offenders lived there

The dangerous homeless encampment at Seattle's Broadview-Thomson K-8 will not be cleared as promised. It's actually gotten larger.
30 days ago
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